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  1. Nivek Yaj

    When its numerically arranged

  2. pogi

    her gf is cute though

  3. Unknown ????????

    He looks like superman

  4. clarky elysse

    he's handsome when he's hair are short like normal guys

  5. Jean Palacios.

    he has instagram?😂😂

  6. Yesh Ricci

    squidward voice Oh nO hE's hOt

  7. liz

    Dang is that gf lucky!

  8. Frag Asher

    This video has broken many hearts like any Playboy would

  9. hossam alheeh

    The model name?

  10. Geovana

    Oh my God 😍😂

  11. sound wave6

    40s 80s 90s❤

  12. Jhazel de Vera

    I like the other version of this video ,

  13. Olie Wong

    Ummmmm i always thought that he was gay tho

  14. Yami TV

    I thought he was an anime character damn.

  15. HalfBlood_Prince4 _

    He has a girlfriend

  16. Robyn MARKOW

    The Man Bun must die..!

  17. Park Chaeyoung

    Omg his dimples. I'm melting rn

  18. Mayret Hinojosa

    Omg I can’t he’s soo hawt

  19. Ciara Burrell

    Wow um tall 😵🙌🏼

  20. Charlotte Drozd

    This man is so beautiful 😍

  21. Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen

    He came in as 2010 and came out as 2000

  22. Chelsea Marina

    Allllrighhhht 1940sss 😏😏

  23. jereisarhino


  24. Taekook Forever

    Who tf is that, bout to stalk

  25. Samuel Ford

    I would say he's beautiful in just about any fashion…!

  26. K SIN


  27. orro221

    Salfok sama cowoknya pake gaya rambut apa aja tetap oke.

  28. Arif

    Did his girlfriend sponsor this video or something

  29. Misia - Fansu

    The man….. Oh my gosh ! Sexy .

  30. victoria Winston


  31. Chanel Bombom


  32. stich fix

    He is sooo hot😶😶😶😶

  33. augus Joe

    In three minutes, I want full information on this man

  34. Leonard Waga

    1:01 "UGH" LOL

  35. jerrey n

    1940s men make me swoon, I just love how they looked

  36. 상여자

    1980s 취향

  37. Sheraly Hansda

    He z sexy af

  38. Valeria Ramos

    he kind of looks like a young version of ashton kutcher

  39. Tiffany Taehyung Taehyung

    0:45 gasps 😍

  40. Stefania Kypraiou


  41. Its Pingay

    1940s 😍

  42. Raphaël Peters

    And 2000

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