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  1. Elizabeth Nyaga

    Cancer cancer why 😭😭😭😭😭😭you took a way my happiness (my dad) 11th February 2019 my darkest day ever 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Patricia Wa Isaac

    Nothing can save us from this dangerous disease but there's one way which is remaining (WORD FROM THE BIBLE )

  3. ruth nganga

    God have mercy

  4. Joy Wangui

    Rest in peace wale wametuacha, ngai tuigiire thaa ngai

  5. Jacquey patrick

    Ishidwe in Jesus name

  6. Jane Joyce

    Dear God 🙌 we repent all our sins and those of our children and country as a whole, we know there's nothing impossible for you Mighty worrior, we pray that you will demolish this demon baptizing itself cancer, cover us with the precious blood of your son Jesus Christ and sorround us with the 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 of the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name we pray and believe 🙏🙏

  7. Sheilah Kungu

    One day cancer shall be defeated in jesus name.

  8. Mariam Gitau

    Ya Allah tuepushe na haya maradhi.. May they r. I. P

  9. DJ ATM

    Wah hii Cancer itamaliza dunia…Inabidi tuitishe Maombi kutoka kwa Mungu

  10. lilian wanjiru

    Ngai tuiguire tha utwehererie murimu uyu uranina andu

  11. Mary wamahiga

    God remember us please

  12. ka kachi

    Ona angì aingì matoìkaine. …. na ùndù ùmakagia mùno …nì kùkorwo atì. .. Kenya kùtirì … mashini ona ndagìtarī. … wa merimù ya cancer… andù no mathire nanja kusharia ùrigiti. … nì thoni mùno. . Eti aria mwìtaga atongoria nì mìitto … no ùishi moì. ….

  13. cute Perry

    It's also high time we observe what we're eating kwanza izi processed foods ndio inatumaliza


    Ngai rigwo nīītha ciaku

  15. Dry Valley valley

    Revelation prophecy,,,

  16. soni soni

    woi Ngai igua thaaa

  17. Ronnie Mungai

    People die of cancer due to poor life style & poor food.

  18. just for fun

    Ishindwe katika jina la yesu ..devil you have no power over our future in Mighty Jesus name

  19. Shiks Rosemwangi

    Wat about those poor die day to day bases due cancer ,????

  20. Alice Samuel

    Cancer will also die but we jave lost many many allover kenya.

  21. Janiffer Magret

    My God cancer ilitoka wapi God forbid

  22. Maggy Nish

    One day cancer will also die

  23. janever gathii

    God we rebuke cancer in jesus name
    No human deserve this sickness🙏🏼 give us a body free from sickness

  24. Agnes wanjihia

    Murimu uyu ni muhote thini wa ritwa ria Jesus

  25. Esteria El Bethel

    Ngai Baba. .ino cancer ndugituninire ma ithire koimana

  26. Dionisia Kaimuri

    Cancer cancer where are you came from we curse u in Jesus name

  27. Haipa Abdu


  28. Janet Wachira

    This is too much

  29. munyua leah

    This is a demonic disease I rebuke it in Jesus name I know God is able to heal his people

  30. Catherine Njagi

    this title is bad. Father Almighty, we have sinned and ran short of your glory but Father please forgive us. This demon called cancer is too much. shetani hana nguvu.

  31. Alice Mutiga

    no Ngai atuiguiriire tha

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