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  1. neeru bhardwaj

    Very useful videos…God bless


    I m amazed at your exercise pattern. This is like "gagar m Sagar"" .plz share your contact number as I m having severe problem in spine and many doctors suggest for surgery and I don't want to go through surgery so I need your consultation.

  3. Rajesh M

    Nice doc! 🙏

  4. rajendra p s

    This is common in kerala. Keralite does shainapradakhshanam in temple.

  5. Ashok Gera

    Great job sir God Stay Blessed always

  6. mukul dutta


  7. Ajmal Riaz

    Your channel is great

    I have subscribed to it

    Bill icon is clicked

    Video has liked

    You make videos very good and useful

    Do you see MIR reports?

    Can you advise me?


    آپ بہت اچھی اور مفید ویڈیوز بناتے ہیں

    کیا آپ ایم آئی آر رپورٹ دیکھ کر

    کیا آپ مجھے مشورہ دے سکتے ہیں


  8. jayesh parekh

    After c section delivery kab karna hai..plz inform me sir….

  9. Jassi Jaspal Kaur

    Nice sir

  10. Shabana Attar

    Sir kya surgery ke bad ye excersices nahi karni hai???
    Meri surgery ko 2 saal ho gaye hai but kamar me abhi bhi dard hai..

  11. Sheikh Ali

    Thanks sir good video


    Kul milake naagin dance karna hai.. 😀😀😀 jokes apart.. thankyou sir.. i will try this.. kabhi kabhi lagta hai itni kam age me itna bimari kaise jhelun

  13. Anks sh

    Sir mera sirghumta h isk liye kuch btaaye kaafi jagh dikha li pr khi se benefits ni hora

  14. New Comer

    Dear sir, when you will give accupressure points to cure OCD( obsessive compulsive disorder)? You told, you would give, but we are waiting.

  15. Jyothi K

    Thanku so much sir 🙏🙏

  16. mohd nair

    Sir agar angioplasty hui tab bhi nahi kar saktey

  17. Mamta Yadav

    Nice video

  18. saleem khan

    Hai sir
    This is saleem khan From bangalore
    I want to be your student
    Because very good therapy
    It is yous full for everyone

  19. Bamboo Shoot

    You are the best. Thank you.

  20. Seema Sharma

    Very good information 👌 👌 🙏

  21. Ak Gaming

    Mujhe thk kr do

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