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  1. nb0616

    must be a camera trick. unless he went on a 9 day amphetamine/oxilofrine/weight loss ped then this simply cannot be. his hand speed looks alright, really difficult to tell the power behind those punches but like you said his footwork is near rubbish level. i honestly don't know who will win, but i don't think it much matters. either will lose to 1 trick wilder, fury or usyk. it appears aj may have peaked and fury may have peaked and or lost his desire to box. wilder is getting old for a boxer. for whatever his "prime" is, he may have already passed it but he's got the worst resume in hw champion boxing history for modern times.usyk is 32 and seems on top of his game. then there's the up and coming threat of daniel dubois to possibly keep it interesting. hell, hw boxing is so weak right now old wlad wants to break foreman's record. fury's my lad but i think these past 2 bin man matches have really hurt his desire cause no one gives a toss about them.

  2. Joseph Baca

    Ruiz lost only 8 pounds and does not intend to lose more. His hands are faster and more powerful than Joshua's with or without weight and once again Ruiz will destroy Joshua. Joshua quit. Once a quitter always a quitter. I like Joshua but he is a bad pairing for Ruiz who will always beat him. The belts will stay in North America where they belong. Say all you want about Ruiz's physique and victory, but he got his ass kicked and went to hide in his own corner to avoid any more of Ruiz's swarming powerful and way to fast attack. All these silly theories will make no difference once Joshua gets in the ring with the Mexican warrior. It was an ass whooping and will be followed by an even worse ass whooping!!!

  3. Glen P

    All mind games Hatman. The people with a brain can see this.

  4. black belt troll


  5. Nz Allblacks

    Joshua will ko ruiz. Aj will be on that much juice its not funny.

  6. Neto

    No,.. was going on is that Andy is a bloody fatback. He carries a lot of muscle and fat on his back, mate. I mean, the video of him training in a t-shirt clearly demonstrates this.
    He carries a lot of his weight, on that ninja turtle shell he calls a back.

  7. King Kayode

    He's sucking in his gut in the picture with Hunter. You don't lose a muffin top in 9 days.

  8. Snazzy Traxx

    Look like he gonna need a Snickers Duo!!! 🙂

  9. Phil Jeavons

    Lyposuction lol 😂

  10. lee stacey

    Its lights and angles it's all mind games

  11. Mark Slobodian

    Not saying this is the case but, you do know people work in photoshop professionally!

  12. My benefit

    Liar andy Ruiz fake pics computer make

  13. Dennis Watki

    Training clip is from his first fight with A.J. same is gonna happen coz the lion left his camp. A.J should of kept it all in Britain.

  14. Cliff Bailey

    Let the games begin fight fans

  15. Drew King

    I saw a pick today an he had a 6 pack 😂 must be a photo shop. 😂 An Sure that's natural

  16. g mesh


  17. Nick

    He did just fine in the last fight and he was huge. I agree with Mike tyson why change a winning formula

  18. Rob Wightman

    B12 vitamins🤔😂

  19. LAZY JAB

    I think it is alot to do with natural body weight.

  20. icgeorge

    head games

  21. Patrick Martin

    They are prob playing head games

  22. leston barzey

    whats your point

  23. Solomon Olorunleke

    If he likes he can turn himself to a broomstick, or a blown up fellow, he will be champion only till 7th December. Andy Ruiz will lose that rematch.

  24. jay3lky

    Just because the video was uploaded 9 days ago it could be weeks old ! If Ruiz is eating enough so he has energy and the correct nutrition but not over eating at all it’s very possible to lose a lot of weight in a few weeks especially as he is such a big man to begin with

  25. Will VSW

    Listen AJ will knock Ruiz out

  26. peter garvey

    No one can really know who will win this fight for sure .Aj has a suspect chin, but he also has the power to knock Ruiz out.Who has the best tactics and conditioning on that night will win the fight. AJ has a slight disadvantage because of his chin ,but he could win in the later rounds if Ruiz absorbs a lot of punishment during the fight.My advice would be to use the uppercut on the inside whenever possible.

  27. jamie H

    intense cardio? fat burners? starvation? all of which I cant see andys team allowing just weeks before the fight…. got to be camera trickery.

  28. Baz H


  29. Baz H

    Possibly mind games?

  30. T T

    Have you seen the photo of Ruiz with the needle?

  31. Aye Peach

    LOLS…Its Called a "PHOTOSHOP" Diet…its the "BEST" Diet to Lose Weight…step: 1.Get someone who uses Photoshop ..step: 2. Give them a photo of you…step:3. Get them to edit ur Photo using Photoshop to make u look slimmer…step:4 Admire the NEW and Slimmer you in ur NEW Photo…Hahahhaa

  32. The Meek

    Getting ready to get rowdy in Saudi. The grand slam on the desert sand.

  33. Richard Repper

    Ruiz was on the Kovalev/Canelo show. He's still fat. He reckons he'll be about 7lbs lighter 2nd time out. I reckon his last bowel movement was heavier than that.

  34. jetski Dex

    Ey hatman your beginning to sound like Idris Elba 🤣😂

  35. Harsha Sankar

    Ruiz's may be using photoshop to deceive AJ's team!
    He may get down to 252. He probably will be 255-258 on fight night!

  36. M squared

    Ruiz seems to carry a lot of his fat on his back at the back of his lats maybe that’s why the he looks so slim on that pic and if he has lost that fat then maybe his shots won’t have the weight behind them

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