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  1. matt goodson

    Brings back so much joy!

  2. Moth

    "looks are beautiful"


    Looks like a zombie


  3. Nayomaise


  4. moJomittens

    lol brings back memories blazing down a level 63 with my flame thrower..muaha

  5. Bob

    best song Ever! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Xaeb

    My favorite part is the begining

  7. lloyd benedict castro

    add linkin park as the feature and its gonna be more awesome

  8. pg13superstar

    I disagree. Black Ops was pretty good compared to MW3. It's nearly impossible to "ruin" the Call of Duty name.

  9. StonedxModz

    Not a bad song. Call of Duty 1 and all the way up to Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare were the best, anything past Modern Warfare sucks… Modern Warfare 3 and black ops ruined the name of Call of Duty.

  10. Elite Gamer

    cmone Thumps Up For Drummer =)

  11. Elite Gamer

    DRUMMER FTW Guys? plzz like This Comment IF U like drummer 🙂

  12. 95dark95

    @pogiboy28 Who cares? Bad ass for killing waves of zombies!!!!!!

  13. IBreakZzI

    @pogiboy28 yeah maybe…..but this beats fckn rocks

  14. pogiboy28

    almost all the songs of zombies are like the same beats

  15. Mj-jenerator

    one of ,my favorites

  16. Brian Fasolino

    this song is beast and so is the one

  17. ChryI

    Good stuff.

  18. Robert Blackmon


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