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  1. Tyler Tremallose

    Ok but contests ALWAYS say legal residents of the USA if it’s for the USA only.
    Been saying that since I was a kid. I only know cuz I filled out the whole pad at jc penny to win a gameboy

  2. nunya business

    yall be so quick to cancel brands lmao

  3. Feliciana Vargas

    That is literally in the terms and conditions of any giveaway… Y'all are tripping.

  4. Genny Eccleston

    Love them even more now 🙂

  5. Heaven Perea

    Lmao people are dumb, 😂 they are giving away free powder WTF I want it

  6. Mariela Garcia

    Daisy Marquez trying to stay relevant…..😂

  7. No Talking Just Cooking

    People get easily offended on little things, especially the dumb ones. 🙄😒

  8. Park Zachery

    The girl who threw it in the trash probably went back in to find it lmao

  9. Witchy

    That's such a stupid thing to get pissy about smh. She has that right as the owner to specify that, and you can't get mad just cause that's what she chose to specify.

  10. Aphrodite Valkyrie

    Literally if people get that easily offended. Don’t even buy anything if you’re just going to be like that.

  11. Hayley Horror

    Are y’all really throwing away good product because of rule from a giveaway, the stupidity in some people is overwhelming. Can’t relate to throwing away a whole ass $40 jar of setting power, it ain’t that serious

  12. moon_princess

    Common sense, smh. Legal residents just literally means they have to be 18+ to enter the giveaway. Lord she need some milk.

  13. Gloria Amada

    Wtf a lot of giveaways have that policy .

  14. Itz ya boi Gay froggie

    Even if it wasn’t required but they put it, they still shouldn’t be mad IF YOUR FUCKING ILLEGAL AND TRAVELED INTO HERE ILLEGALLY THEN I FUCKING HATE U

  15. Jiminie Pabo

    That iMovie editing 😂😂

  16. Savannah P

    Why are people so freaking sensitive these days?

  17. esther

    why y’all complaining about free stuff, its literally a free giveaway, no money involved.

  18. Lena Rose

    Honestly I see nothing wrong with the company’s wording. People can be butthurt all they want. It’s feeling like winter with all theses special snowflakes

  19. Bella Rose

    Everyone is so sensitive in this world now it’s so annoying

  20. Stefan Sarrazin

    Ouhhhh cancel me daddy

  21. Melissa Velasquez

    Daisy is a dumb bitch . bye ✌

  22. Melissa Velasquez

    Is it really a big deal ?

  23. Weeb - sama

    y'all are sensitive fucks wow 🤔

  24. Heamii TM

    Y'all stay being sensitive AF.

  25. Lipstick,Lace & Glam with Chrissie

    All I am saying is this: Do people not realize its on sweepstakes on the fine print of food boxes for the rules? Its not new to us. Pay attention to giveaways on food boxes or drinks you buy. I will use this product still. Everyone in this generation are too serious all the time has to make everything about something. Sorry not sorry. Stop with im not buying this because it said legal residents only. Ummm sometimes you need i.d to grab a prize like ya know lotto ticket winnings.

  26. thesilkymango

    some people don’t need a platform lol

  27. JennaPlot

    That’s literally what I was gonna say, that it’s a law lmao this is really ridiculous

  28. Grace. xo

    Don’t throw it away! Just return it lol and still get your money back and then they throw it away

  29. Talia Dorr

    Throw the whole beauty community away

  30. lauren grace

    y’all will really cancel anyone for anything these days smh

  31. bbw Star

    it's a very hard subject right now for Mexican & Americans dealing with imigration. Family's and Kids being held in un livable conditions in a jail in Arizona, Newmexico,Cali, and Texas are the largest holders and deporters of immigrants. They are holding them in small cells for up to a year. It's a hurtful an sensitive topic for those of us who have family in these jails. They are not criminals, they are being treated as animals. Imigrants just want a safe place to eat sleep work and feed there family's. I don't think people can understand unless you have been to Mexico or are Mexican/ Mexican American. But even I know they are referring to your address! Not imigration status.. 🙄

  32. Kathy lastname

    Y'all so sensitive🙄

  33. Omqitzethan

    Me: it’s crazy how much stuff is going on in the world and millions of people are stuck on YouTube beauty guru drama

    Also me: – watches the full 45 minute vids – – subs to Sebastian and tea spill –

  34. Amber MLD

    this generation is so quick to "cancel" things like it's getting out of hand. I can understand not supporting a brand because of the political topic but like everyone reads into tweets soooo deeply now just to see if they can be canceled about SOMETHING.
    – next canceled thing on twitter: JEFFREE STAR USES A COMMA WRONG OMG CANCELED
    like honestly lmao

  35. Jeanine Labelle

    How do people throw out full products when they cancel someone… just don't re-buy it, instead of wasting your $$ to make a statement

  36. Z0RB

    Am I the only one who thinks this was the dumbest shit? Smh.

  37. Hannah Ajay

    people get offended by everything nowadays. 😑

  38. Erin Novak

    People are sometimes too sensitive and jump the gun about stuff like this like calm down.🙄🙄

  39. Account

    Oooo sis 🍵

  40. dragon girl

    The world: I’m dying I need help

    The media: AnOtHeR yOuTubEr mESsED uP!!!

    Snowflakes: i Am OFfEnDeD

    All this because people don’t research shit up and start point finger to a brand that’s following the law. Instead on focusing on petty things like this, why don’t y’all focus on the planet more?

  41. Valerie Thornton

    Yes come here illegally yet get all the same things we who are here legally get! Jokes

  42. Kristin Kelly

    People who throw out expensive makeup just bc a makeup brand is putting the legal requirements on their giveaway🤡🤡

  43. Loli Luxe

    People are being scarily reactionary and just kinda… Idk..
    Just a little much for me..
    Isn't this the same woman..who started this with her reactionary kneejerk tweet the one that 'allegedly' faked a disease? She may have had it, but deleted most content on all her social media ACCTS that referred to any mention of it after being called out on the subject.
    All very TOO much for me really…
    And it must be nice to be able to just throw 40 out like that….
    Oh well, first world problems …

    Now can we get back to stuff like, anything else?

  44. Phylicia Lyn

    I hope that girl got hers out the trash.. 😬😬😬 yikes

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