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  1. Matthew Russell

    Forgive me but didnt he get his tbf belt 16 fights in ??

  2. daz636


    back to 2016

  3. kashmachine 1


  4. Azziee

    240lbs is a perfect fighting weight for Joshua, no point going lower.

  5. David Smith

    Why would he suddenly be talking about his weight? 😂 he has never talked about it before and he is fighting a wee fatty

  6. Barry R

    My god people are stupid. Back to 16 as in back to being a challenger fighting for the belt like he was in his 16th pro fight against Charles Martin.

    Oh perhaps “Back to 16” means he’s now going back to school as he’s now 16 years of age again, or maybe 16 represents the amount of times he wanks in a day 🤷🏻‍♂️🤡

  7. Stefan Broome

    Back to his 16th fight when he was a challenger against Charles Martin ffs so obvious 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. Rico Benjamin

    2016 when he beat Martin for the title

  9. Daniel Trotter

    His 16th fight was Charles Martin wasn't it?

  10. Team Groves

    hes obviously not going to be 16 stone ffs. He will be 240lbs at the lightest if that, he can't drop that much lean tissue at this stage…

  11. Luke Weedon

    Think it means 2016 which was the last time he was a challenger to a world title.

  12. Dum Nnam

    I think he is referring to 2016 when he first won the world title and the sort of hunger he had in him at that time

  13. Fabian F.

    I think he means 2016

  14. Anton Daniel Stennett

    Talking about the his mentality he had on 16th fight for the world title

  15. ldbc r pussys

    I think he'll be aiming for between 16-17 stone which is what he means by 16 as in 16s

  16. Boxing Gospel

    Remember Riddick Bowe lost a lot of weight for the second Golota fight and did him no favours, completely shot. Remember Roy Jones went back down to light heavyweight after winning the heavyweight title and he got knocked out for the first time.

  17. Gorguruga

    I heard Dan Brown is writing a book based on that tweet called The Ajinci Code

  18. Jacob Tanswell

    Back to 2016. Where he won the world title.

  19. simon says

    He means 2016 when he was the challenger for the belts

  20. Birmingham racing

    Aj will look about 10 stones when standing next to Ruiz

  21. Nick Higgins

    Back to 16 means 2016 when he was a challenger

  22. Boxer Delboy

    I just hope the weight loss doesn't lead to the chin turning to absolute glass. Imagine the following – AJ will work his guts off to lose weight whilst Ruiz eats cheese burgers every day. Fight night comes. AJ keeps hitting that concrete chin without effect and Ruiz gets through with his heavy weight behind him and Joshua's chin is completely gone from the weight loss. That would be my concern.

  23. dude man33

    Cmon hatman, if he means 16 stone he obviously means back to the mid to high end of 16 stone (230 – 237lb) he ain't gonna come in at 224 don't be silly

  24. Adeyemi Adeyinka

    common guys it means back to when AJ was challenging for the IBF belt.


    If you change your diet to plant based /alkaline losing muscles can be done in a matter of days.. Naturally!!..

  26. Andrew T

    I think 16 means back to 2016 when he was challenging for belts mate
    His best weight is around 230-235. Great mobility but keeps the power. Hes going to wreck ruiz.

  27. Carmen Arechiga

    Off the roids

  28. Mike T

    Could mean he dropped below 17 stone so 16.xxx but who knows I don't know.

  29. Ismail Chunara

    What brand of crack has hatman been smoking?!

  30. Dieter Kast

    Back to fight #16 against Charles Martin when he was without the world championship belts like he is now.

  31. Liam Walsh

    back to 2016 when he won his first title challengers mentality

  32. Base DaKID

    Back to 2016! Before he won the belts in his 16th fight. C'mon Hatman, it weren't that hard to work out

  33. Joe White

    He means back to his 16th fight when he was a challenger

  34. Boxing fan

    The year 2016 is when Joshua became IBF Champ. I think he’s referring to his mind set as it was before he became Champ

  35. Adrian Blair

    What about the same weight as in his 16th fight?

  36. strecharmstrong uk

    He might be 16st 13lb if he has come form 17st he is still back to 16 so he could weigh 237 what makes u think it is bang on 16 I mean I weigh 19st 4lbs when I get asked my weight I don’t say 19st 4 I say 19st

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