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  1. Alakhe Buti

    The volume for me is already really low…

  2. marvin levy

    Hey guys can you please react to Nicole Tv funniest moments pleaseeee

  3. stfustyles x

    love you guys!!!

  4. Tina's TEA

    Please react to Kian lawley singing complition and Kian Jc funny moments, love you guys!!

  5. The Pãržívãł.

    React to more Jeff wittek

  6. peri davis

    Can you please react to David Dobrik interviews? Like Teen vogue, vanity fair, architectural digest….

  7. Saeeda Arshad

    Pls could u react to all 3 dolan twin fanfiction videos xx

  8. Cat Catastrophe

    Pleeeaaaasssseeeee do a dolan twins types of compilation this sunday! you guys are going to love them a lot.

    ps. i don't like Jonah because of his attitude. i dont hate him and i dont wish death on him, he just isn't my favorite vlogsquad member. just thought id say that

  9. Globalsnkerhead

    React to Jake Webber- Camping in best friends apartment

  10. Elsa Kollcinaku

    react to carly and erin have jeff as a personal trainer for a day, you get a really good look into jeff’s personality and the reason for fitness

  11. Actually Madness

    Steph your hair is so pretty 🥺

  12. Chammaiah Ambrose

    You guys should react to The Dolan Twins Skydiving with Molly Burke

  13. CompetingHen43

    Love the video guys! This was by my favorite content Jeff has posted and to see my favorite reaction channel to react to it, I absolutely freaked!! Thank you guys ❤️

  14. Colorful Dayzzz

    I love you guys so much. You are so caring and genuine which is so rare. I love your reactions so much. I accidentally tapped on your vids a few months back and I've been hooked ever since.

    Ps: Stephanie is so beautiful

  15. horses and Conor Maynard are life

    As someone who acts out or uses humour when I'm uncomfortable or scared, I really feel for Jonah. It's hard to explain but you need to act like you don't care so people think they can't hurt you.

  16. zoë


  17. E&G 19

    Love the merch Wes💙 Plzzzzz react to DT “Loser gets their tongue pierced” and “Finding out if we’re real twins” birth vids are hilarious and at then end they have to suffer an extreme consequence I think u both would rlly enjoy it…(u could put it into a compilation)…tyyyyyyy💖💖

  18. Heather

    React to Carly & Erin “Jeff becomes our personal trainer for the day”

  19. zoë

    id be mad at jonah too bc he was literally so annoying in all the ep

  20. Heather

    yayyy! been waiting for this lol, i love jeff☺️

  21. horses and Conor Maynard are life

    Please watch "the stripped down challenge", "bye for now" and "you're not alone". They're all relatively serious so it can just be a serious kind of compilation for the Dolan Twins!! Maybe wait a bit since you just reacted to a really serious video but I live their serious videos 🙂

  22. Mel Rana

    Still waiting you to do DT Types of compilation!😭😭😭Plss do it in this Sunday😭😭
    -Types of Teachers
    -Types of Friends
    -Types of Boyfriends
    -Types of Parents
    -Types of Students
    -Types of Drivers
    -Types of Youtubers
    -Types of Fans

  23. Saeeda Arshad

    Im excited!!

  24. April Brown

    React to The Dolan twins music video they made

  25. Emma Roger-Lund

    Hey Wes and Steph! On Saturday could you please make a compilation of videos Emma’s done? She’s done some on vogue, teen vogue, Louis Vuitton and derek blasbergs channel. You’ll get to see a different side of her I don’t think u see as much in her vids.

  26. Veronica Cupitt


  27. ALT TAY

    Can you guys react to Jake paul again

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