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  1. Jasmin Mclay

    Thank you for this video !

  2. Beauty Scattered

    You have a crush on the doc.. She is beautiful

  3. Bobby Griffiths

    Wow thank you ladies! I’ve suffered anxiety for a very long time now & am on high doses of meds. I’m always looking for something else especially an alternative. Don’t worry I’ll keep taking my meds but I’ve just done a quick search on the search site mentioned for reputable acupuncturists & found one locally!!! I’m so excited to meet her & see if she can help me.

  4. Stacey Curran

    Thank you both. Your app is amazing Jess. Full of really informative videos.
    I enjoy all of what you are about. Definitely holistic medicines are the way forward. Thank you Steph also. I'm on a heap of medication for mental health and pain medication. Very heavy duty medicines. I've started back on some holistic and was just yesterday speaking to someone whom from here N Ireland is very well known for he's remidies. I've a long way to go to getting off the mess I'm on esp the pain meds. Maybe a year or two. Maybe not as long as that.
    Thank you 😊 both. Xxx

  5. Izzy Rose

    Really interesting to watch this & hear about how acupuncture can help anxiety as I suffer from severe social anxiety & I have for nearly 10 years & now after watching this I will definitely look into it.
    I have never had a paying job because of my anxiety but have started a Youtube channel (which is quite hard for me, but I am trying) about things I'm am interested in & would be very grateful if you would watch my videos 🙂 also I joined your facebook group!

  6. Ryans sound meditations

    : )

  7. David Thomas

    Amazing Jess, I've watched all in one morning wish you had more and love your app sorry was in hubby's account lol

  8. David Thomas

    Amazing, only just found website but had to share amazing jess ❤️

  9. Ryan Lewis

    My true healing came from yoga and surrounding myself w people who truly love me.. Honest love. I cut tons of toxic people out over a 20 year stretch. The more I surround myself w people who are understanding and truly care, the better I feel.

  10. Ryan Lewis

    I've had it since 1997. It hit me during my late teens , stressed out w school. It's almost like I can't tell the difference between excitement and anxiety.. I get anxiety over good things too. //:

  11. Justin Nizza

    Great video! Earned a sub! I have bipolar disorder and panic disorder myself and am on medication for panic attacks. I talk about mental health on my channel.

  12. Ashlynn Dehghani

    Need this video so bad thankyou beautiful ladies

  13. Alicia F

    You are so beautiful Jess! So articulate. Great video!

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