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  1. RedVelvet Seulgi

    My Anxiety starts on my friend that hurts me a lot.

  2. Valeria Maldonado

    At 5:04 I wish it was that easy to get over it but it isn't😔😔


    She's attractive without makeup on what do you mean😭💁‍♂️👀❤

  4. Kyah And Tycee Buddies

    I had an anxiety attack at school today

  5. Bolder x Sans

    If only anxiety was that easy to handle

  6. Amara Bliss

    I can so relate to this

  7. mary r

    I think this video is good for people with low self esteem and specific things that make them anxious, but in my opinion it doesn’t quite depict just how crippling it can be. Your thoughts run wild to where you can’t focus on anything and it can cause you to panic and have problems. Nothing against the creator/writer of course. I think it’s still great this was made, but with someone that struggles with anxiety, I could only see parts of myself in this video.

  8. woah

    She left the house key.

  9. mary r

    Anxiety, for me at least, is more worrying about the details that are ridiculous to worry about to the point where it keeps me from doing things. If I’m eating during lunch with other people, I usually won’t if I’m the only one with food or I make sure to get something that won’t be too messy or that I won’t look gross eating. Because what if they think I’m gross or fat or look weird chewing, etc. even when I’m talking I don’t do it much because I’m thinking over and over again what I’m going to say but I can’t get it out because it sort of chokes me up? And if I speak sometimes I have moments where I freak out in my head because of the way my voice sounded. What if my voice sounds weird or too high pitched, too low pitched, what if I sounded strange saying that word or what if I sound stupid, that kind of a thing. Another thing is going down spirals about our existence, and disassociating. Or listening to a song and having an anxiety attack because a lyric came up that was upsetting, or being late to school sends me into panic mode to where I have to leave school. And getting myself to go outside is so difficult. It’s something that doesn’t just go away, but sticks with you; you have days where you can overcome it. There’s so much more in relation to anxiety that I experience, including doubts about friendships and loved ones, but I think you get the idea.

  10. Tyrus Green

    Holy shit dawg!

    That was amazing! You did so well^^

  11. LOLsmileyface1992

    This seems to be bdd and low self esteem (maybe depression) not anxiety..

  12. keira perez

    shes so pretty oml

  13. Sammi Star

    At first I felt that I could relate to it but then overnight she overcame anxiety by putting lipstick on and that’s not how it works

  14. M BB

    This is so relatable!!

  15. Lana Mohammad

    Is anxiety overthinking??

  16. BMW

    Is her friend siri or somthing?

  17. Madi Rhyne

    Fuck this it’s not as simple as this honestly wish you would make something that portrayed anxiety more correct

  18. Lilly Zahn

    Getting ready isn't the issue it's going out

  19. Briet Ivarsdottir

    It not that simple anymore💔

  20. Keyanna Porter

    I literally just had a massive anxiety attack and I had to ignore it to get through an interview like anxiety sucks ass

  21. jaci whatley

    I have this all the time when I go out but I just say who cares what people say I think I look beautiful and if they love me for who I am then that’s on them love this so much❤️🥰

  22. Salana Wolfie

    Thats a big ass house, I swear!

  23. Willow The Pillow

    What a queen

  24. ashton simpson

    She couldn't even tell her daughter to her face that she was leaving her all by herself for two whole weeks. She's not just a shit parent she is a sorry excuse of a human being.

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