Anxious students want their teachers to understand

2019-05-12 Anxiety Comment 50

The school is very nervous. For students with anxious life, stress may be magnified and more difficult to manage. This is an anxious student who wants their… Click here!Anxiety Freedom Today Offers Help And Support To Those Suffering From Social Anxiety, Ptsd, And Generalised Anxiety.


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  1. Angela Joshi

    Completely relatable

  2. Mackenzie Badding

    TEACHERS whatch this please because stasticky there are are 2 kids with anxiety per class and it hurts to be in a room with a panic attack so talk to me or let me leave for a minute

  3. i cant think of a name so this is it

    the first one is really relatable cause I don't like doing P.E cause when I do something wrong or fall I feel like crying or feel as everyone's judging me that's the actual reason for it but I don't want to tell my teacher

  4. Roseystar Studio

    The last one 💔💔

  5. Claceroses

    I Have horrible social anxiety. On Wednesdays, I have a teacher who picks on students during class A LOT and i have a panic attack every time she is choosing someone to pick on. This happens in basically all my classes tbh. When the teacher picks on me my face goes bright red and I physically can’t get the words out. Teachers aren’t fair. At school tomorrow I’m going to talk to her about it and I’ll do an update and say how it went. I’m generally so nervous because I feel like she is gonna get mad at me.


    There is only one nice loving teacher in my school and her name is coincidentally Mrs Kind.. she lets u go to the bathroom whenever, eat in class, even for the last ten minutes of the lesson play a game! She doesn’t call on random people, she listens to what u say, if something’s wrong she’s okay with u walking outside of class to have fresh air. Sadly I don’t have her for any of my classes

  7. CloudyGamer41

    When the teacher says to get with a partner, this mostly happens in English because my friend is in a different class

    I don't know if I have anxiety or not bc I've never had it diagnosed and I don't want to go around saying I have anxiety when I might not but this is still something that makes me stressed

  8. green tree

    One teacher I know specifically picks on people who don’t normally volunteer saying “it’s ok if you get it wrong, nobody cares.” Well, apparently you care because then he goes and lectures us if someone gets a question wrong. EVEN comparing me blushing to a bright red tomato. (ya a silly joke, but not the best way to flatter someone :/) Made me feel humiliated and super self-conscious.

  9. LaFattyGurl C

    When they yell at you for somtjing

  10. janny bravo

    my adviser called on my guardian to have conversation knowing that they need to make up things alright but what happens on that day make my high school life so dark. since i have anxiety attacks everytime specially in those kind of moments, i over think again and again until i drain. pointing out my side is she didn't even understand me though my guardian explained and she totally raised her voice and panic raised as well. until now i just can't get over from it. I KNOW SOME PEOPLE HERE WILL NOT GET MY POINT, UNLESS THEY HAVE ANXIETY TOO.

  11. Aya

    Everyday at school , my heart gets so tired by pounding everytime iwanna answer a question and get that feeling of anxiety but still answer it even if with some stuttering … ❤💪🏻 , but that shit makes me in a daiky state of "no energy" everyday and its really exhausting …

  12. Mac Kenzie

    My teacher's keep telling me that I laugh too loud and it is very disturbing (perhaps, annoying). And after that, I don't remember the last time I laughed my guts out.

  13. Christina G

    and if you tell a teacher they don’t listen they still pick on you in class (my friend had anxiety badly and the teacher made her speak at assembly and in front of our class)

  14. Galoxy Animations

    Dear teachers,

    I wish you could understand that why I can't pay attention isnt cause i dont care, it's because my mental pain..

  15. Greta

    I feel the need to send this to my teacher.

  16. Naura Atika

    It's getting blurry each time the next note comes

  17. That Shiny Kitty Kat

    I had CFS and it made my anxiety hell, because I wanted to work but I was too tired, but my mom denied me any mental assessments as a kid to get diagnosed.
    So instead, it was simply ignored and shamed by teachers for my fatigue and anxiety caused by my fatigue.
    Because it wasn't easy to get 4-5 hours of work done in the 2-3 hours I was awake at home before it got to be to much.
    I had one teacher who understood and even let me nap in his class if it was too bad or help me with homework after he was done with his lessons, and let me practice public speech with his kids after school since I was comfortable around them and felt safe doing so. If it wasn't for him I probably would have failed, I had him through my entire highschool.
    I hope more kids can find teachers like this who can understand their students, and that more of them come around. I know they're just as stressed as the students are, but they have to understand that taking it out on the troubled kids by labeling things as excuses isn't going to help anyone.
    Teens have real problems too, it's not always just being lazy or overdramatic. Not every kid has the perfect family home to care for their needs and get them help, and not every psychologist is going to catch it immediately, and even they could dismiss it.

  18. My husband is a chaebol heir.

    I feel my professors get it but don't at the same time.

  19. lila exo L

    I want all of my teachers to know about social anxiety and stop calling me shy!

  20. BakuhoeCanRunMeOver ByABus

    The only time a teacher realized my problem was on a field trip when I had to walk up to the front of a big room with other people to grab my water bottle which got left behind the previous day. I didn't want to go up to get it while there were people because that would have put the spotlight on me in my head. So I insisted of waiting to get it and then my friend just offered to get it for me. So she did (an amazing person btw). And as we were walking my ELA teacher goes "you don't like people looking at you" in a realization type way. And he uncovered the mystery. My mom found out a couple months after that but this time in Target.

  21. Gucci Gamer

    So lately I haven’t been going to school and saying I’m sick and when I finally do come back to school all eyes r on me my teacher doesn’t belive that I can make it through the year and says to me to stop procrastinating but literally everday is a struggle to get out of bed and go to class. BUT She doesn’t know that she thinks I just gave up and am not trying but guess what I am trying the hardest to hold on to life right now

  22. NickWeb108 R.

    I have anxiety for homework..

  23. broke boi

    I have bad grades lack in participation AND the thought of being left back Is making me scared AND i always show up late to school AND it's not because I'm lazy it's because of how hard it Is to even leave my house to go to school Let alone step foot inside a classroom AND I'm always missing it AND my parents always think it's just because i dont want to go it's because I'm can't mentally force myself to

  24. Kaitlyn

    I hate having to talk about why Im scared. My mom thinks a simple "no one will care, youre fine" will fix everything for the week. Why cant I just say "I had/have trouble with social anxiety" without getting asked so many questions that really just add on to why I dont tell people?

  25. Kaitlyn

    Every report card: "extremely quiet, should participate more"
    I only have 1 teacher who kind of understands my anxiety. Its my English/Grammar teacher. Shell come to me if I look like Im having trouble unlike most teachers who are like you come to them or you dont get help at all. She also lets me present my paper (we have to speak out loud and thats a huge no for me) on the last day so I have time to prepare myself to have to talk to people with all the attention on me. I also hate getting called on in class just out of nowhere (my english/grammar doesnt do this). My face immediately goes red right away and I get super hot suddenly. Then when I actually raise my hand for once in never they dont even call on me?! THEN SAY I DONT PARTICIPATE??
    Anytime I have to do stuff you can VERY clearly see Im extremely scared and anxious to do it. Ive cried in class before. And people know why. Ill hold back my crying until I get done with my paper, but then when I get to my seat I just cant. Theres one girl who kept comforting me from across a few desks by whispering that I did great and stuff the last paper I had to read.. People like her are great

  26. Abdenacer Fodil

    Some professeurs will make you feel down in during the lesson intensionally in the name of "that will make them work harder " , no it is not it will just make me feel more sick and exausted instead .. in other words it is sabotage

  27. HeyIts Sienna

    I use stand so much I am considered the quiet kid in class because I get anxiety. I know my teacher can see the fear in my eyes but he understands

  28. The Icey Blitzed

    Thank you do much for this video cause now get what its like to have yhe disorder Anxiety

  29. Gabi M

    i have something called selective mutism, and i have never related to a video more. these are all so true. it's not that i don't want to participate, it's that my heart starts to pound when i raise my hand and my stomach drops when i get called on. i literally start shaking whenever i have to go up to a teacher and talk to them. picking partners is always a struggle, i'm always that one kid that has to be paired with someone. the list goes on. no one really understands how much social anxiety RUINS your life.

  30. EverythingEmmaRose

    It makes me sad to know that there are some teachers that are like this. All the teachers that I’ve had both at elementary school and middle school, and even this year at high school have all been really nice. I don’t have anxiety but if I did I wouldn’t be afraid to tell my teachers some of this stuff. They might even know some of it already. And if they don’t then like I said before I wouldn’t be afraid to tell them, because I can always come to my teachers when I have a problem at school. And I know/ hope that everyone else that had been to the schools that I go to feel the same way. They’re always there for us. Note: I didn’t mean to offend anybody, and if I did I apologize.

  31. lilPotato_7689 and luxckCharm

    I just emailed my teacher. Wish me luck.

  32. Danielle’s nation

    Honestly I’m crying rn and this is the most , how do I say it , like this is just so true this is the truest thing I’ve heard I know that doesn’t make sense but idk how else to put it

  33. Ariana Smith

    I have such bad anxiety and have had really bad breakdowns and spent whole periods sitting in the bathroom balling because I couldn’t bring myself to go to class. And my teachers don’t all understand that. And when that happens or I get a little mad or upset in class, it’s an act saying “please help me.” But they don’t get it. And it makes things worse because I’m struggling at home as well as at school and out in the community.

  34. Ariana Smith

    Omg I relate to this so much.

  35. hi hi

    What my teachers to understand? I wish my parents understood. :[

  36. Anna Lee

    Someone’s chopping onions again 😭

  37. Ashley Peters

    In Spanish my grade just plummeted because I got an 8/50 for participation. I have social anxiety and like my heart pounds so fast when I have to talk in front of the class. I feel so stupid.

  38. DayDreamer EXO

    I have anxiety my English teacher picked on me the other day and when I wouldn’t speak she told me to stay after class and when I explained to her and apologised she said “everyone gets anxious and everyone has anxiety you just need to try it’s not like anyone will judge you”

  39. fortnite gaming

    all these are so true.

  40. The Moore Sisters

    I have severe anxity and social anxity and selctive mutisum so ya

  41. SayLin Music

    Stop saying these out loud in class where everyone is looking at you. Stop.
    "Why do you look like a loner? Don t you have friends here?"
    "Is there a division between you and the class?"
    "Why do you look like you don't belong?"
    "Don't you have friends?"
    Stop. Just stop. I will get back at you all.

  42. Hello Hello

    I am eleven and have basically self diagnosed myself with social anxiety I have done so much research on it… I want to go to a therapist but, I’m way too scared… I went to therapist once in forth grade and here I am two years later with horrible social anxiety. I am afraid that they won’t help me and it will just make my social anxiety worse by pressuring myself so much and freaking out before I go and while i am at the Therapist. Tbh the internet has been a better therepist for me than anyone ever has been I can just pour my feelings out on here instead of telling the people around me (which I honestly will probably never do)…

  43. ew

    i'm having an oral presentation tomorrow and omg i can feel my heart beat increasing and me not being able to say a word without gagging, i also couldnt make it perfectly. i feel so bad rn

  44. Banana

    So relatable.

  45. Blue Clouds

    1:20 can relate on a deeper level

  46. welcome to Eden's kitchen

    The one i relate to the most is at 1:04 "I wish they knew how much time, dedication, tears, breakdowns and energy it can take to get an assignment done".
    I always thought it was this hard for everyone, that everyone had a sudden anxiety attack while writing a philosophy paper. But uh, apparently no. It's just so difficult to keep the intrusive thoughts away sometimes. So i really wish they know that if i give them a white sheet, it's not because i'm lazy, i don't care or i didn't studied. I tried my best but it just made it worse.

  47. Bethany Noel

    I hate it when my math teacher calls on me to answer a question and my hand isn't even in the air like why waste your time picking on me when she obviously knows I'm not going to get the answer right and everyone is like " Wot? and Where did you get that" most of the time I try to blend in and be like yeah I meant the other answer cause it makes me to weird to say a answer out loud in class in silence most of the time when she calls on me I just don't say anything and then she asks someone else to help me out lol. teachers don't understand worth crap and ADHD sucks along with depression and anxiety and life sucks and I'm still thinking if I should talk to my school counselor about me being depressed cause its keeping me off Guard. and I'm on a bad sleep schedule and I sleep in math class and its just not fun to sleep in class cause then I miss the notes we take and I won't know how to do the homework and then I'm in a big problem and I hate asking for help from the teacher cause I'm scared what others might think.

  48. Emily Miller

    There was one teacher at my school I wasn't a big fan of. But then, I read through the comments and said, "never mind. I like him now."

  49. Sofia Forero


  50. Jenina Huang

    I have this friend who doesn't have social anxiety and just procrastinates.She can be kind of me and "jokey" with stuff,but her parents don't care because she is really spoiled. She drags me with her everyday,and does mean and annoying things to other people like poking them or be sarcastic about helping a person pick up a book. She has gotten me unto trouble before like this:

    Her:hey sit on my lap and see what the teacher does
    Teacher:*getting mad at just me*
    her: ha

    I don't have the courage to go up in front during a class and explain to her……
    and many times when the teachers knew it was her fault they would still blame me because :
    1.her parents are rich and donate to the school
    2.they think i'm also procrastinating or trying to be cool but is too scared to admit or explain anything.

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