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    add cranbeary joice or something you like

  2. Jamie Longacre

    What about apple cider vinegar pills?

  3. Paul Saul

    just to keep my teeth healthy I snort mine

  4. Rachel Lerma

    how many time do you do this a day ? '

  5. rhueva zephier

    i been doing it for a week now and i feel the difference in my cothes

  6. The Sky is The Limite

    What did you use to whiten your teeth

  7. Ophelia McGraw

    The badest? Lol

  8. Amber Vaughn

    Look at all your fresh fruit! yay!

  9. CrowN MissY

    did you say headache

  10. sir. pisces

    u r so beautiful

  11. DELICIOUS1826

    try drinking the tablespoon of vinegar with straw super fast then drink the bottle water right after, to avoid the acid from the Bragg's Apple Cidar Vinegar from hurting your teeth enamel. Also use Enamel Toothpaste 🙂

  12. Kapreis Reynolds

    I've heard you should either rinse with water or brush your teeth right after, because the acv does attack the enamel on your teeth.

  13. Shannon Dean

    did u lose weight yet hun

  14. Shannon Dean

    did u lose weight yet hun

  15. Poelking Nancy

    do I have to diet when am taking this mixture n pills.

  16. Kayla Tyne Fatu-Borja

    I wonder if pronamel toothpaste and rinse will help I'm probably going to start pronamel before starting this diet

  17. beautiful1211

    the pills I have say to take 3 3x a day. I notice you take 1 pill where did you get the pills?

  18. marion snyder

    could u use the Heinz apple cider vinegar if u don't have the other one.

  19. JaCkY DuQuE

    I'm drinking the same pills but you are drinking it wrong its 3 pills twice a day with your largest meals so I do it with breakfast and dinner its 6 pills a day just letting you know I did my research cause I was scared to do it but I'm giving it a try good luck

  20. Dusty Silva

    It most likely is doing that. you can make it more diluted. But the vinegar can both hurt your throat and mouth but also mess up your teeth.

  21. Esther McCardle

    I love how you have the vinegar in the bottle already, but some of those pills requires you to take 2 or 3 pills, do you? and what if you use hot water?

  22. Ramiza Demiri

    I bought mines at wal mart for $10 Purely inspired 100% Garcinia Cambogia with green coffee. i hope the bottle is original

  23. Dana Morrison

    ordering mine now 🙂

  24. Ramiza Demiri

    how much weight have u lost so far? I'm dying to know. I start today, & would love to know if it really works help losing weight!

  25. Elsa Diaz

    How much have you lost?

  26. Menelliee

    I'm doing this right now too. Today is my first day and that Apple cider vinegar is gross lol. I was sipping it but now I'm going to do what you do and take it all at once. I hope this stuff works!

  27. Tanya Forrester

    I'm doing it too, I'm not hungry throughout the day at all, and I replace my meal with green smoothie and I'm down 13 pounds in 5 days

  28. Wanda Miller

    I drink mine with a straw and just suck it right down, I also rinse my mouth with water afterwards 🙂

  29. kendra XxX

    Can you try to show your scale weight to see how it's going so far

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