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  1. Sreelakshmi Tp

    Is this true

  2. TheRishabhbansal

    Hello brother.. can u tell ki after how many days of taking acv u start feeling better? I mean i have started taking it from a week n m feeling little better bt not completely fine.. hope u can help

  3. Robert Hansen

    This stuff works. 22 year sufferer of intense acid reflux here. Have had voice changes due to it with constant hoarseness.
    Went to many doctors. Just told me to eat more pills. They are clueless!
    I use 1 tablespoon mixed with water before each meal. I have no heartburn and it's only day 5! I noticed almost a 100% reduction in reflux after only one day.
    I definitely have a low stomach acid problem and you might as well.
    GIVE THIS A CHSNCE. Try it for a few days. It's at tons of stores and is inexpensive.
    Apple cider vinegar has given me a second chance and I now look forward to the future without reflux!

  4. Rohit Potan

    When to take it before or after meal

  5. Arvind abc

    Dr cha contact number milel ka

  6. Vijay Bhadauria

    I also have the same acid reflux problem started after treated with amoxicillin with clavunlanate potassium for upper respiratory infection all test's done upper GI endoscopy results also looks normal my weight also reduces to 47kg and I'm worried should I give it a try or not coz I am already under weight. I got severe reflux after 2 hrs of taking meal even on taking green vegetables,salads or drinking water.I was on PPI for about 3 years but I quit those medicines and moved to naturalpathy and followed very simple diet no oil, wheat only fruits and vegetables from 15 days but seems no improvement pls help I'm very worried

  7. DDMUSIC87

    How can I contact him

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