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  1. TheRaddestWolvesInTown⚓

    it is absolutely sobering to listen to this in light if the recent events with this band. Tom will be remembered. "find a little light and hold it close. don't lose sight of what matters most."

  2. skimmball


  3. blackVelvet

    My heart is broken. This goes out to everyone who knew and loved Tom Searle, I am so, so sorry for your loss.
    Dear Architects, take as much time as you need to grieve, the whole community is grieving with you.
    I'm sitting here trying to find beautiful words for cruel things, it helps me breathe through this dark time.
    Dear Tom, Architects won't be the same without you. You are an amazing artist and guitarist.
    Heaven is lucky to have you.

    "Find a little light and hold it close.
    Don't lose sight, don't lose sight
    of what matters most."

  4. Odyssey

    Rest in Peace Tom Searle, 28 is far, far too young to lose such a talent.

  5. Sharpix Sharpix

    Rock in Paradies Tom

  6. Misfits Joe

    RIP Tom.

  7. cunnerzzz

    My heart hurts, this is a very sad day for all fans of Architects and talent. RIP Tom. Your legend runs through everyone who listened to your music.

  8. Marcel SVW

    RIP Tom. You were amazing

  9. TheRedPill

    the song has a whole new meaning now … RIP Tom

  10. Anthony Cunningham

    that opening gets me more pumped than yo daddies penis pumper 3000.

  11. Paiin22

    That song! <3

  12. Google User

    I'm sorry sir, you have ass cancer

  13. Penguinz13989

    lol what the fuck had music come to… this is awful, I've heard this before a million times.. just stop making music.

  14. un1d3n

    AWESOME. Great production quality and the vocals get SICK AS FUCK.

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