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  1. Ryan Adams - Natural Weight Loss Mastery

    Hey folks! Healthy granola (the one featured just about falls into that group – although I wouldn't ordinarily have this if it wasn't for Christmas) that you prepare at home or, in some cases, can find in-store are a wonderful source of many key nutrients. BUT…from a weight loss perspective, they are typically very fat-rich and so can slow your results. We want healthy fats in our diet, but the average bowl of granola can be a little excessive on the fat front for many weight loss hopefuls!

  2. Brenda Abruzzese

    A lot of the granola in the U.S . Has a ton of oil, even the low fat versions. Not to many "healthy " ones.

  3. Cheryl Badger

    This tastes good too!

  4. JoseTheVegan

    Good catch @Ryan Adams!

    JoseTheVegan on YouTube


    Eating such yummy food was just a dream to me, after my boyfriend dumped me and my friends or so called friends bullied me in

    their own creative ways, I was a fat girl and it was something I never admitted to myself until the day my boyfriend broke up with me through a text message saying that his friends are actually making fun of him because of the way I look like. I was about to actually end everything, I was desperate and blind seeing all these skinny beautiful girls I felt like I am waste of space. I looked for magical ways to lose weight fast and I tried staying hungry for long hours I tried many diets and pills to lose weight and I was just the same nothing changed. Until one day I read someone's review about a life changing method which worked not in a month or two but i was different from the first week, I got my confidence and the smile I hadn't in months. What I did was drinking water the moment I woke every single day and I removed salt sugar and fats from my daily meals, ok the food wasn't tasty but I had a goal and that goal was to reshape my body to remove these additional fats that were affecting my life and health all together for good and what really changed this and made me reach my goal was this fat burned that helped me through the process https://amzn.to/2s0Fqrs once I got my life back the wounds of my heart and pride seized to exist . Now I can look at these beautiful meals and be able to eat whatever I want whenever I want. Water and this fat burned were fast and magical solution for my problem I hope that anyone who reads my story he'll be careful about his weight not because of what people care about but it is about how do you want your health to be like.

  6. Tali Trends

    I recently began the transition to go plant based for the new year and your videos were the first ones I came across. They're also the ones I continue to watch. You make this process feel less intimidating and I feel very informed without feeling overwhelmed. Thank you! 🙂

  7. Annemarie Zweistra

    Glad this one was sold out today! Thanks for the advice. Did you do a video on portion sizes before? If not. Would love to hear you about it especially when you don’t have much exercise in your routine yet. 😬🙈

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