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  1. Clevver Style

    Since this is the first time Jarrett and Sinead are doing a Beauty Trippin together, they need a duo name. Jinead? Sarrett? Tell us below!!

  2. angel aguilera

    No disrespect but these two aren’t it.

  3. Amanda Brook

    Send the boy on a massage!!!

  4. ladyjep123

    This is loosely based on Chinese Auriculotherapy, which is a form of accupressure (totally non-invasive). Gold is stimulating, silver is calming/lessening, and vaccaria seeds are regulating. They aim to interrupt the energy flow to stimulate, decrease, or regulate what ails you. Also, they clean the ears with alcohol to get rid of the oils because otherwise the clear plastic stickers don't stay.

  5. I love kpop

    They look like small pimples in the ear

  6. Maureen Lee

    You guys need to try leech therapy👍👍👍

  7. Annie_Delph

    You know this is not the place I excepted the insane clown posse but it was there and I’m living for it

  8. Seattle Seahawks 03

    I've always wondered if he was gay if he is then go him!!

  9. Lea Holden

    I would love to see the different type of massages.

  10. Michella MG

    What’s that in sineads ear on the thumbnail? Is it from those piercings they’ve got some time ago in one of the other beauty trippin episodes?

  11. Kimberly Berryhill

    Someone please give these people a massage outing!!! Lol Mud baths. Seaweed wraps. Something. 👍😊

  12. Jade Bout.

    Massage trippin!!! Lets do this!

  13. CRAVErandomness

    I would be worried about them looking like pimples from a certain angle XD

  14. Ayesmita Roy

    I see Sinead.
    I click.

  15. Sam Marvin

    The woman doing the acupuncture looks like Millie Bobby Brown as an adult. Anyone else think so? No? Just me? Alright.

  16. SaucerJess

    I'd love a video on migraine remedies 💚

  17. thecerezar

    Honestly tbh ibhave fibromialgia and the only thing that has helped me with the pain is acupuncture but with real needles

  18. lilemi8

    20 min if you run cold. Damn hippies are the last people you would think to scam you.

  19. Netherlands Boy

    Jarrett's facial expressions are always on point

  20. Carissa Silver

    Massages!!!! 💆‍♀️💆‍♂️ Some weird ones and long ones

  21. Julia Hicks

    I went thru ear acupuncture to help for cravings! Cravings for alcohol and drugs! It really works lol. I did the 5 points

  22. Lourdes Pintor

    3:33 & 3:38 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Jarrett's faceeeeee 💀

  23. Magalí Vazquez

    Jarrett is such a mood

  24. IrishRebel92

    if you were stressing out over money, and then I told you I put $1 million into your bank account, assuming you believe me, you would then not be having any money related stress,….but you would still be broke AF. if actively using the placebo effect to help people works, then great. But they really shouldn't be spreading around these snake oil treatments as actual medicine.

  25. IrishRebel92

    if the the gold plating starts to corrode off or "turn rusty" as she puts it, then that's not real gold. gold doesn't react with any natural substance.

  26. Alicia Coron

    I don’t think this is acupuncture since it’s not puncturing. Maybe more acupressure. Defiantly skeptical.

  27. Rowyboat

    Jarrett saying he's just tryna have a hot girl summer yessssss a whole mood for everyone

  28. ken kaneki

    did she say “cil-ann-tro”…..

  29. Treasure Jones

    i love Jarrett he out here having a HOT GIRL SUMMER ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭

  30. Brooke Chambers

    Can massage trippin actually become a thing

  31. Jordan LaFebre

    Jarrett explaining his knee issues as “all shredded up” is my knee

  32. Mariana

    "I really like how real you guys are" as they call out this bullshit for being bullshit lol

  33. Breanna May

    This is such bullshit. You can see her talking out of her ass any time they ask a question.

  34. Thatcherjames Xx

    Did he just say hot girl summer? CMON MEGAN THEE STALLION

  35. Bella Saint Onge

    Just so everyone knows gold does absolutely nothing for your skin so get something good not just the name

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