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  1. Macca Lives

    What's her obsession with broccoli? She never mentions any other vegetable.

  2. Heather MayLeigh

    Her so called calorie count is BS. My three scrambled eggs and coffee came to over 300 calories on my fitness pal alone. No way its possible for her to have breakfast, lunch, dinner AND beef jerky snacks and it TOTALED only 700 calories. Even IF it did (it didn't) then, so what? She has plenty of fat her body could burn off. It's not going to kill her. This is exactly why her DR told her not to track her calories, he knows people her size get that way by being manipulative AF. It's safe to assume her DR had plans to make small steps to gradually get her to a place where she can handle the concepts of calorie counting without making excuses and manipulation because she would have already lost weight at that point. But NO. ALR would rather live in her comfort, which is nothing but delusion and a slow suicide to be posted on YouTube.

  3. Lori K

    Seriously , I can’t imagine how exhausted Becky must feel although she looks like she will take any hint of love from AL real or not 🤔
    Becky has so many of her own health issues and we know AL couldn’t care less about What Becky goes through, only herself

  4. Jenn Dear

    I think we're headed towards an alr mukbang extravaganza. She'll make another "I'm gonna do what I want " video. She will do what she wants, she's made a fortune already why would she change ?

  5. MissBubastis

    I disliked everything ALR said in this vid, but one of the things that irked me the most is when she said the doctor "talked a lot about himself" making him look like a narcissistic twat when he most likely just used himself an an example for what´s possible if you put work into your weight loss.

  6. gin

    You get back on that bike and gain 50 more pounds hahahaha

  7. Shelby Estell

    Who else loved the fake distress in her voice from 27 mins onward?

    omg mom I wasn't sneaking out I cant believe you don't believe me

  8. Chungy

    Damn, if only the mental gymnastics she goes through in her mind to justify eating junk food was actual exercise.

  9. Shelby Estell

    Maybe this metaphorical bike doesn't have wheels? Maybe it needs wheels…

  10. MsGlitterBombz

    Lol your reactions are like mine to her

  11. JJMarishka

    It's right for ALR if the Dr. says
    "Hey…… You can eat out everyday!"
    No pun intended!

  12. bass guitarlover93

    Standard privileged millennial. I’ve had to work for everything (mind you, I’m a millennial too). I wish I could’ve just had shit handed to me like Amberlynn.

  13. Karina

    I love your side comments! I don’t think she timed the scheduling of this video well. She was probably going to have it go up a few weeks later, in your time line, but made a mistake. It’s literally 2 or so days after the I went to a weight loss dr and grocery haul. 😂
    She also slipped up because in her diagnosis video, she never mentioned that she was diagnosed with binge eating.
    Ps. I haven’t had Whataburger in such a long time, but I haven’t been to Texas in awhile either.

  14. tina colry

    If she is telling the truth about BED, Bipolar, psychiatrist etc I will shave my head. The problem with her is she lies all the time and has for most of her life and NO ONE calls her out on it. Every time I hear her voice or see her face I sincerely want to bitch slap her. Sad and I can't figure out Becky other than she is aiding Al in killing herself. That whole house is certifiable.!!!

  15. tina colry

    You crack me up. You always make me laugh with each video. ALR IS A LAAAHHHH

  16. Foxy

    Hello my #FupaFam!

  17. Just Nichele

    looks like she's been crying

  18. Diego Cigala

    1:14 If her appointment was on June 20th and 12 hrs after she quit, why she wait a couple of weeks to make this video? I think this video and the one of weight watchers are recent videos that she mix with the old ones justifying why she gained 6 pounds

  19. Beyond

    Her eyes are so dark and dead.
    I'll be surprised if she makes it to next year.

    She just wants her way to work when all it has done is made her, basically 700lbs.
    She wants to eat what she wants, does what she wants, etc etc.

    That isnt binge eating disorder, that's just food addiction.

  20. Ghost

    or call the weightloss doctor of the world and say "hey this is feeling like to much sodium i feel like i need more fruits and veg" he would have worked with her or at least worked with her the prob is she heard 700 cal and freaked cause anything under 3,000 cal is to low in her opinion and amber no weightloss doc is gonna give you a diet over 900 cal likely ps she could have picked low sodium jerky and bacon as well or almonds or cottage cheese

  21. Sassy Kat

    She gets malnourished by dieting Guise! And sodium makes her so swollen she can't ride in the car!
    These are the REAL problems!
    That 600+ weight thing isn't a pressing issue. Priorities People!

  22. Kayla’s World TM

    Amberlynn Reid: Gold medalist in mental gymnastics

  23. missy r

    She's gotta be trolling. I can't believe anyone is this insane/dumb.

  24. Paola Paez

    You get back on that bike….. and gain 50 more pounds HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I CANT!!!!!

  25. Dope a rope Yea

    God if only HIPPA wasn’t a thing, just for thing one circumstance, I’d LOVE the weight loss doctor of the world to make a video response and just RUIN this bitch

  26. Dope a rope Yea

    It’s such INSANITY with her! It’s the same with the Optavia debacle. With SHE knows better and decides that her DOCTOR is wrong, then why not simply adjust his recommendations to what SHE thinks is best, eat THAT and lose the weight?? Because at this point even then she’d lose weight. As long as she’s not eating 5,000 calories and day SHE WILL LOSE WEIGHT!! It’s not hard at her size. NOT AT ALL.

  27. Cesaro BeachBall

    You know what was 720 calories and 4600 mg of sodium. Nine servings of Jack Links Peppered Beef Jerky. AL is a straight up liar.

  28. animayyy

    she asked him leading questions and put words in his mouth, then got upset about it lmfao

  29. Hippy Chick

    Puts a vid out and doesn’t even remember what lies she told regarding the Weight Loss Doctor of the World’s plan? Doesn’t even check before filming this? No wonder she deleted her Twitter account. Hmmmmm…..1/2 a day is a new record (documented anyway)….so there’s that!

  30. HollyHock

    She’s not BSing herself! She’s BSing us and her subs! This is just a con to keep the YT coin coming in. She’s very good. Not many of us could do this with a straight face. She’s not interested in dieting! She doesn’t care if she dies young! She said it once before! The video when she lost all her subs! She said she’s going to enjoy her life with what time she has left! Eating is her only hobby. I doubt there is a therapist! She borrowed Eric cookes story

  31. Stephanie Ra66itWUT


  32. Heather Lauder

    If she worked as hard at losing weight as making excuses, she would be much thinner. She doesn't even try. I don't think she wants to work hard but there is no quick fix for weight loss.

  33. Anne Matthews

    She is such a boring bitch she uses all the bullshit , just say I’m useless I’m not doing this diet , no wonder Becky looks spaced out🇬🇧

  34. Ecstasy Boy

    I just realized she said this is 2 weeks after seeing the weight loss doctor. So I think she filmed this June 20th. It’s a month old.

  35. Holly Hauck

    Yes 720 calories is JUST FINE for someone her size. There have been plenty of people who have stayed under 800/day that are BIGGER than her, who LISTENED to their doctor, and LOST WEIGHT RAPIDLY… The bullfuckery… And she's worried about SODIUM 😳😱

    Edit: the reason (probably) the doctor said "u can't have wl surgery"-
    When ALR went to the doc, he took one look at her n he was like "wow yeah she needs surgery so bad" so he tried to make a food plan w/ her. She whined and cried about certain foods, so he told her, "ok, as long as u stay under this amt of carbs and calories, u can eat whatever, but meat and veg heavy." So she's all excited n goes home. On day 1 she decides the food is SO BAD and decides to give up halfway thru the day. Decides to go out to Chili's. Every day. For 2 weeks. She comes back for her 2 week follow up. She's gained again (shocker.) She says "but I did EVERAHTHING u told me to do. When do I get WL surgery?" He goes "well u have to lose weight on ur own first, which u didn't do, I'm gonna say ur NOT APPROVED for surgery at this time." ALR hears "No! U are Not a good candidate, never will be a good candidate." Just bc he told her she wasn't ready. The word twisting on this one. I see right through her 600 lb ass. Keep up the great work Kat!! Doing the Lord's work. 🙂


    Ugh she can easily lose weight on low carb/high protein but nah our gorl wants her McDonald’s and Sonic with a shit ton of sodium processed foods late at night all day long. She contradicts and lies so much I’m done with amber y’all but I just want to see what happens here in a couple months watching through reaction channels. She’s a LAH

  37. Sarah Vetoe

    Thing is, with all the various things she was “diagnosed “ with at the therapist there was not one eating disorder involved. She doesn’t have BED. She’s a food addict.

  38. Debra Bradbury

    She is very sick. So SAD 😞

  39. Candy Journigan

    She has dragged this out for the past 6 weeks. That, takes planning. This is the longest she has committed to anything. The long con.

  40. Stephie p

    She is a compulsive liar. Also, I belive the video that Moon Eyes made added up the sodium content and it was not close to 4,000.

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