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  1. kenzouza7546

    « She is designed to be small » the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard… nobody is designed to be big or small, we’re just what we are and we’re all beautiful. Plus attracting people to veganism by talking about weigh loss is really not the good thing to do. Like Ariana have never been fat even before she went vegan. Her body has change for sure but by pointing this you create insecurities in young woman’s mind. It’s really sad that you use your voice to spread that kind of messages considering the good power you could have on people.

  2. Andrea

    She looked better and healthier when she had more fat on her body tbh

  3. sweetfur cattery

    her body is much better before

  4. Dillon Callaway

    Can’t save the animals by eating their food? Ummm humans are plant eating animals too, therefor plants are for all animals including humans…

  5. katrinalol

    Watched this while eating a steak.

  6. my wig has been snatched

    She looked better before tbh

  7. S A D H O U R S

    "carrying a lot of fat before" um no. She was average.

  8. linda maxie

    I'm small boned I'm black I weigh 102 4"11

  9. demi m jones

    I thought veganism wasn't for health /weightloss ?? I thought veganism was ethical?

  10. Panic! i'm gay

    i feel like she was just "normal curvy" before. she looks pretty either way to me. its her body, and she worked hard to achieve the one she has now.

  11. I'm very angry

    She also has a very strict workout routine…

  12. sarah hiers

    “She’s like Asian” haha I love you freelee

  13. Bianca Isabel

    4:07 Joey!

  14. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    She looks better before

  15. pegy hill

    She’s so hot now


    She used to be so much thicker…

  17. A Pen

    Veganism is so easy

  18. Steven RCL

    Can people stop using the word vegan as meaning “vegan with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle”… just being vegan alone is not what leads to being healthy. You can still be an unhealthy vegan just like you can be an unhealthy omnivore. Anytime someone is vegan and looks good or has health benefits, it is because of their constant education and measured dieting not just because they switched to potato chips and Coca Cola… I’m not against the vegan diet, but I have just seen it go wrong many times because people say things like “vegan is healthy” but it is a “balanced vegan diet is healthy” (just like a balanced any diet is always going to be healthier… remember being omnivore/meat eater doesn’t mean you skip on vegetables). Also people compare balanced vegan diets with unbalanced omnivore diets all the time… i still fail to see the perfect comparison of healthy omnivore vs healthy vegan… remember omnivore doesn’t mean meat everyday either. Sighs

  19. SayAns

    It's a life style not diet

  20. Rocking Divas

    She is not healthy now . She has became too thin😲

  21. lissa bean

    Her body after is gorgeous oml. Body goals ❤️😍❤️😍 I want to look like that. She's even way more healthy now than before.
    Like if you agree.

  22. Emytothee22

    Why is it important to carb up as a vegan

  23. Amira B

    I think she looked better before…. just me tho

  24. ciara durnan

    You can’t be big or small boned can you ?

  25. Angel Whaaatt!

    Ariana Grande is a DUDE

    *he is pretty tho

  26. Kitten Se Dévoile

    people who say mmmm vegan or plants have feelings are lit retarded

  27. mizzmini45

    I'm kinda like this. Not short per day I'm 5"5.5 I just have a very small body and frame

  28. Susan Coon

    wow your stupid, you have no idea what you’re talking about. she’s not 5’4 she’s 5’0. and she’s not Asian where did that even come from? it’s not her vegan diet that’s helped her loose weight I personally believe that she has and an eating disorder all though she’s never said it. She looks very frail and weak now she has all most no fat

  29. fashionqueen106

    Does anyone know how much Ariana weighed before her weight loss because I’m trying to lose weight because I think I’m around her size before she lost all the weight. I literally can’t find this info anywhere else and please no comments saying “You’re fine you don’t need to change” there’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight thanks

  30. Loonewol F

    Alright, I'm going vegan now

  31. Veronica Ebeling

    When you said "She is like Asian, very petite" did you mean that she is Asian or that she is like most Asians??
    Becasue Ariana Grande is like.. American-italian..

  32. Souper Army

    You could've censored those people's names

  33. Vivianna Paez

    I'm vegan👑💖

  34. Sara D

    I am watching this while eating grapes and soy yoghurt with banana!

  35. The One Above All

    I liked her thicc

  36. James Prout

    She is Asian…

  37. Eugenie Galaxy

    im trying to become vegan at least for a little while but i always fail because i love junk food 🙁 please give me some tips on how not to miss junk food and stay on a vegan diet! ily

  38. Lance McLaughlin

    We , damit we !!! This dam auto correct

  39. Lance McLaughlin

    What should all just starv !

  40. Mattress

    So just out of curiosity what is the argument for veganism on what constitutes something that is ok to eat like plants, but not milk or anything from an animal? (i seriously want to know, not trying to be sarcastic or anything just trying to learn more).

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