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  1. Hugo Henrique Borges Borges


  2. Migwigpee 07

    7:30 why is he choking him

  3. Miguel Gonzalez

    thick as hell!

  4. Miguel Gonzalez

    ohhh you got a faatasss!!!

  5. J Stewart Proulx

    After watching tons of your excellent videos I hate being that guy but you can pretty safely never use the word lay again, it's always lie for your sentences.

  6. Carlos Mackenzie

    I bet the guy getting the adjustment goes home to Elast-girl lol

  7. FallingBubbles

    How much would a full body service like that cost?!?!

  8. najial ismail


  9. Stinky Potatos

    This guy needs to stop wearing extra medium shirts

  10. Paul H Ford

    I wish I had the money and you didn't live too far where I can use that I'm in bad shape

  11. Paul H Ford

    I wish I had the money and you didn't live too far where I can use that I'm in bad shape

  12. Hataldir

    Chiropractic is just pseudoscience. It is dangerous to put yourself in the hands of someone doing those rapid, strong movements to your body, with no medical reason and way less medical knowledge/training than doctors or physiotherapists.

    Go to a real doctor.

  13. Drizzlydrops ii

    yoo where u located '

  14. John Christian Fajardo

    So handsome and hot

  15. EnglishMannInNewYork

    Will you come to Greece haha nice stuff. I need that so bad lol.

  16. e3m88

    get a MIC bro


    Wow, that's incredible. Instant results in mobility and balance. I'm sold, I'm definitely going to get an adjustment.

  18. SHarpyHaMMeR

    legit thought at 5:15 was the vet bones making that sound…. I was 99% sure he was gone.

  19. Joe Last name

    I have the same name 😀

  20. Kimberly Lee

    In the early 90s I was having headaches and was sent to a chiropractor, he did adjustments on my neck but no with his hands. He used a little instrument that he said would be adjusted to how ever many lbs of pressure needed for the procedure he was doing. Long story short I never had neck problems before I was treated by him and in all the years since I have ongoing problems with my neck. So I'm not a fan of chiropractors.

  21. Vuk Kapriš

    Hi, I have lower right back problem, I think it's nerve but Im not sure.. I my country we don't have good doctors like you, every opinion or recommendation would be helpful!

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