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    Watch How To Become Successful by Arnold : https://youtu.be/2ciV3gTQhP8
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  2. Joe Palooka

    200 Crunches as soon as you get out of bed!! Every day! Right, Arnold, I'm sure everyone will jump right on that.

  3. Ian Ray

    How to lose belly fat…stop fucking eating you fat asses

  4. Natasha Betts

    Okay, I will try 200 crunches a day . I might have to work my way up to 200 by starting off with 50 three times a day.

  5. Gee purrs

    I am Arnold. I really like talking to you and giving interviews. By the way, Do you know Sarah Conner?

  6. Elcharro Charro

    Great man alive make a video all your workout word by word and diferente things you did. Classic is better original all way.

  7. Richard Mercer

    Never seen Arnald in such a calm relaxed state. Very down to earth. Enjoyed watching this. It's like seeing a different side of him. Always liked his one-liners from his movies.

  8. The01t

    This guy's charisma is top level.

  9. Allan Ramroop


  10. Antony Artoonian

    Feel like my father is speaking to me <3

  11. Srinivas Rao


  12. WV591

    Terminate the freaking belly fat . best advice to the point.

  13. John Kas

    I hope this man will live for ever.

  14. Sunset

    Arnold : 200 crunches a day. Me: 200 crunches a year😑

  15. Mark buzz

    i need to close caption this, i dont understand the cyborg language

  16. HikoSeijuroXIII

    Just don't eat. Food.

  17. shookdr m.d.

    ill be back

  18. Smartzenegger

    @ 15:33 Let's sword this out.

  19. Patrick94GSR

    So I have lost 50 pounds in the last 6 months by cutting carbs and sugar (some would call it "dirty Keto), and also increasing my physical activity by cycling at least 70+ miles a week on my road bike, mostly commuting to work. I have lost fat and inches everywhere, but my gut still looks a little pudgy. Been trying to figure out a way to reduce the size of that area specifically. Something I can do at home, and not have to waste more money and time going to a gym because there's definitely no time for that!

  20. Robert Condon

    Arnold is hilarious!

  21. Robert Condon

    “Like beat dogs”. LMAO. I had my knees replaced because I tore my miniscus in both knees over the years from squats. I just turned 62
    Still lifting

  22. Reagan Cameron

    When i had discovered this weight loss program “Yamzοkο Weebly” making use of Google, I felt enthusiastic to try it out immediately. This has given me excitement. I propose you to Google this program also. My good friend has burned 10 lbs by now due to this weight loss program. .


    200 crunch bars before getting out of bed got it😂🤣

  24. Trinnity Rink

    Arnold ! Arnold !

  25. Chris Williams

    To all the guys out there. I am suprised he didn't go into detail as to what calories to avoid. If you want to lose fat all together, you must avoid sugar whether pure or inside foods or drinks, flour whether pure or inside foods, and reduce your intake of rice and potatoes a little bit, while eating more fish. There is much more to it, but just by doing that you can lose fat very rapidly; now as far as crunches, I believe they are irrelevant to belly fat burning, but obviously, any kind of excerice is always good


    His Arnold impression is spot on.

  27. Tommy B

    Haha.. Did he really say "Beerfest"? That's brilliant.. lmfao. I assume he meant Oktoberfest, but Oktoberfest is for tossers and sheep-shaggers…

  28. Andrew Bushrow

    Badass always!!!

  29. Jeremy Bennett

    Damn he is such a legend!! So comfortable in his own skin

  30. Tudor Baraian Osgoode

    You are so funny! I can watch you for hours !

  31. Gazza Emerson

    Arnold u sir are an unbeatable legend, if I could ever come back as someone it would undoutably be u

  32. Mario Macpui

    Eat 2000, but burn 2500…go home Arnold, you're drunk.

  33. Bennie Gogue

    Your the man Arnold!!!

  34. michael cutugno

    The man hurts his knee then comes back with better legs that is the right way to look at life very inspiring.

  35. Tal hadjus2081

    JUST pure awesomeness…..this is why he is the all time favorite!

  36. Billy b

    I can hardly do 200 a week.

  37. Danny Peculiarbleeps

    Why are there 2000 thumbs-down on the video? What LOSER actually disrespects Arnold? He's an amazing person and an icon. I feel sorry for all the idiots who gave this the thumbs-down.

  38. Joel Spencer


  39. Josiah Black

    Alpha dropping Pearls!!

  40. Ditjie Raphadu

    Time and effort is all you need

  41. Ace_ Shisui

    He got straight to the point unlike other YouTube channels that take like 5 minutes just to answer the question. and he explained it very clearly

  42. The Aharanha


  43. leslie katona

    Good advice, but Arnold did you open up a saw mill at your place.


    Thank you Arnold Schwarzenegger!

  45. J Balls

    Do Vacuum sit ups old school 3000 a day lmao 😂 and don’t forget the 20 CC’s lmao

  46. Dennis Burke

    Coolest, nicest guy ever. His movies were a huge part of my childhood, and still watch an Arnold film from time to time.

  47. cold dead hand

    It's hard to believe he is 71 years old. Arnold isn't fucking human.

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