Arthritis caused by aluminum poisoning

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As more and more countries become industrialized countries, heavy metal poisoning has become a major health problem in modern history and will inevitably become more serious. Metal and industrial biological products penetrate into the water and enter the food chain.

The density of heavy metals is more than five times that of water, which means that the human body cannot successfully break down foreign bodies and is forced to retain them. Accumulation of heavy metals trapped in the body can cause toxicity to poison the blood, causing damage to the kidneys, lungs, nervous system and other organs.

What is heavy metal poisoning [toxicity]?

Heavy metal toxicity refers to the level of toxic metals that the body absorbs in a variety of ways, usually depending on the type of metal. The four main toxic metals are aluminum, lead, cadmium and mercury. These metals can cause a variety of complications and in fact can cause diseases and diseases in many cases.


Aluminum is the most common toxic metal and can be found in almost everyone. Whether it's under your arm, in your teeth, or on your skin, there is more aluminum than any other metal. Source: aluminum foil, antacid, aspirin, toothpaste, dust, car exhaust, treated water, nasal spray, dairy products, salt, commercial beef, tobacco smoke, antiperspirant, bleached flour, canned, animal feed , ceramics, canned foods, cosmetics, and even cigarette filters.

Symptoms of aluminum toxicity.

Symptoms are thought to include brittle bone, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis because aluminum is stored in the bone. As the kidney filters aluminum, it can also cause kidney disease and dysfunction. ADHD, ADD, ADHD, memory disorders and learning disabilities.

How to test?

It is relatively easy to carry out heavy metal poisoning tests. It can be tested by hair test. You need to consult a doctor to receive the test.

How to deal with heavy metal toxicity.

While there are supplements available that claim to remove these harmful metals from the body, the best course of action is to naturally detoxify the body.

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