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  1. Jason Rupp

    Awesome stuff. Wow. Good audio!!

  2. Meanie

    keep this quality content coming and you will really surge as an asmr channel!

  3. Iain

    You wait ages for a video… and then 3 come along at once! Well done, my son! Please keep them coming

  4. Bücher Hund

    Are you taking notes of how cute we look with a ladybug on our noses? 😂

  5. globaltraveller

    Thanks doctor King, just as well I have a good pain threshold ;D

  6. Emilio Roman

    Another Amazing video love this

  7. lemondrop

    I love this. So many tingles🤩


    I'm on pins and needles for this one…which is one way to get tingles!!! 😁

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