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  1. Cait Paul

    All I wanna know is who in seven shades of hell is using the "s shaped" eyebrow 3:13

  2. Jasmine kerns

    Am I the only one who doesn't even have eyebrows ;-;

  3. Valeria Teatr

    Are you ok? Wrong channel – it seems specialization in a different field, not eyebrows for sure

  4. Zoya Shaizo

    Hii where is your beauty shop

  5. MysticMaven 666

    We have the same tweezers Tingting! Love your videos as always! (:

  6. ASMR touch

    The 90s. DirectTV. You had the reciever and the special card and a friend who had the codes to unlock channels. There was a travel channel and at 5pm they would do a review of some spa resort somewhere. The second segment was when they would do a four minute review of an specialized spa treatment.


  7. Kealey Kolp

    Hi guys! Wercome back!

  8. Sage Moon

    I used to hate asmr, but then I found your Chanel and now I’m addicted

  9. Just a ordinary Person

    Also Me:*falls off bed and breaks neck*

  10. pika chu

    I was about to got to sleep and then scary add comes on I'll go to bed another day

  11. Queen Lisa

    TingTing: I tahini we will do this one. what do you think?
    Me: eh not feeling it
    TingTing: yeah ok great
    Puts tablet on pillow. Pauses video. Starts bowing repeatedly
    Me:as you wish my Queen

  12. Terence McGinnis

    Small info for you: If you talk so much, put the mic over the camera to make a noise. So you can brush the mic, that would be a real ASMR vid.

  13. Chappelle168

    I can’t believe you called yourself tingting – it makes me so happy.

  14. Srt. Namjoon

    Very good, i knew the her channel today and Love

  15. Srt. Namjoon

    Mano eu dormi nos primeiros 5 minutos

  16. brvihu

    Your voice reminds me so much of someone, but I can’t figure out who it is. Hopefully I’ll think of it soon because I’m always slightly distracted watching your videos lol.

  17. Tracy L

    I wish u would use layered sounds in the bg, it would upgrade everything 😊

  18. Sassy Pepe

    We have the same makeup brushes tingting! 💖

  19. Akemi Moore

    Tingting is a cinnamon roll and must be protected

  20. elmer navarro

    Me: straight eyebrows

    Tingting: street eyebrows

    Sorry I'm not hating I love her asmrs

  21. Yin Kei Chun

    姐姐 我知道你會看到的
    老實說 剛開始關注你的時候 你並不能為我帶來tingles 所以我搞不懂為啥那麽多人關注
    但一路關注下來 你真的進步了很多 看你的視頻我越來越能放鬆下來
    很為你高興 也覺得你獲得的關注是值得的

  22. ditisnietdharma vlog's

    Wurcome bacc

  23. VscoRoblox Gurls

    Me: turns up volume because its asmr

  24. Miss Lyntheena

    werrrcome back – immediate tingles

  25. Mi3zap

    When you broke but want to got an eyebrow and eyelashes done without going to salon

  26. RXSINXH !

    Ting: “It looks great now”
    My sensitive ass: “wow Im hurt. So all this while. Thanks Ting”

  27. Khu Mango

    our Tingting


  28. Луна Чан


  29. Effie Zhang

    tingting is always creative on her content but never lose her identity and ability to mesmerize US

  30. Diana carolina


  31. 杜蕾絲先生


  32. Christina Aguilar

    Me: I want soft angle
    Tingting: I think for your face shape, Soft angle would be the best. What do you think?
    Me: 😯 YESSSSS ☺️

  33. Molly Jackson

    You know what I just realized..? You FaceTune the shit out of your face in EVERY single thumbnail. You don't even look like the same girl, your nose is completely 100% different..and honestly, i just want to know why? Why do you do that? Youre a beautiful girl, it makes no sense. And it gives an awful example to younger girls that they have to look a certain way even if they're beautiful to begin with. I sure as shit know I'm not the only one who sees this and has noticed. So, why? Why the hell do you change your entire face for every thumbnail?? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  34. Fulou Gao

    Hide the mic, please. It’s so disturbing. And don’t repeat noise words (plug, plug, plug… tap, tap, tap) it’s so disgusting. 😖

  35. Szamuráj ASMR

    If you reading this, i hope u will sleep amazing! 🙂

  36. Yuki Yuno!

    You should do a tailor role play like you’re fitting a dress or something to someone’s measurements because It’s to big or something!

  37. Just relax ASMR

    Tiny ASMRtist here id be so grateful for the support 💞

  38. Alison Osborne

    Her: we can do the soft angled, is that okay with u?
    Me: umm, sorry I actually like the roun—
    Her: okay great, the soft angled.
    Me: …

  39. 퀴즈


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