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  1. fastASMR

    Just doing some acupuncture with various pointy items on my microphone. Hope it'll relax you! ❤️🤗
    0:00 preview + pins
    7:12 thumbtack
    8:18 large nails
    11:06 needles
    13:21 thin nails
    19:24 mic scratching

    I'm on Spotify now 🎵➡️ https://spoti.fi/2GhGOuB

  2. Brooke L

    Immediately tingles all the way down to my knees

  3. Steak Hair

    Fact: asmr is the tingles you feel not this

  4. София Ковалёва

    Есть кто то русский Лайк

  5. Potato

    Because of the channel name I was expecting her to slam them into the mic and then just the rest of the video was silent

  6. Dark One

    She protecc

    She attacc

    But most importantly

    She like to play with thumbtacc

  7. Sophia marie Latonero

    Can you pls do the brushing on the camera

  8. Clorox Bleach

    If you could do a video of 21:53 that would be sooo great

  9. Zenon Btw

    When I imagine the mic as my head halfway through the video…

  10. Vanessa Castillo

    This video got me PINNED to my bed.. get it..yeah ok I’ll leave now

  11. Hayley Smith


  12. Gorehoundula

    The video, you opened it. We came. Now you must come with us, taste our tingles!

  13. Lightning Mcree


  14. stupid bitch

    Love this it's exactly what I needed to sleep I just wanted to type this before I fell asleep which I couldn't since I fell asleep quite fast thank you

  15. The Voice Note Life

    I wish you could…pin my comment (;

  16. Kelvin Maraj

    Damn! I actually got tingles…👌🏼😏💯

  17. catherine m.

    oh, i love this video so much, thank you a lot!!

  18. A Guy

    Did you know that acupuncture is basically just domesticated stabbing?

  19. Maia Wong

    I felt like my ears were being stabbed

    But in a good way

  20. Rissa Rose

    Such a good idea

  21. Greta Murphy

    i don’t know what’s more tinglier! watching the pins be pushed into the microphone cover thingo or hearing them go in 😍

  22. Brohan

    super tingles with this vid!

  23. lord tachanka

    How did you get the tick after your Name?

  24. rachel_ Madine0808

    6:01 awwww that was relaxing 😌😌😌

  25. Bronson Stephens

    Omg this is so good

  26. Shalu Jose


  27. Eve Salzwedel

    A much NEEDLED video!

  28. Trashboat

    “Pin” me, get it? ok ill leave.

  29. Chill Axin

    I got an ad that showed someone in the hospital before the video. Weird.

  30. Caleb Woodhouse

    i may have just accidentally casted asmr to the tv downstairs…

  31. Osmeily’svlogs

    I was about to FALL ASLEEP
    When i fell asleep the next vid turns on

    James:HI SISTERSS!!!!!

  32. Marvel Geek

    My ears are spoiled

  33. Daspinda

    I was in the car when this video popped up in my notifications, so I totally forgot about it.. but yet the video is awesome!!!

  34. Cinnamon Bun

    So satisfying 😻

  35. Chester C

    Reminds me of Pinhead

  36. Rob Knotts

    1:28 the mic cover reminds me of the royal guard hat 🤔

  37. Kyle Fansler

    I’m really hoping no ones doing acupuncture with nails just saying

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