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  1. Angela R.

    I am so glad I found your site. OH! I take shots every week for my allergies. Been on them for 4uears. I have joined your channel.

  2. Angela R.

    I had a rat terria.

  3. Angela R.

    I have both allergies and chronic asthma. I love pets…I had to give my inside pet away. My question is how can I go by getting a train dog. They are so smart when you are not feeling good with any health issues.

  4. Princess Lay

    I have server asthma and im 10 i had to go to the hospital like 3 times in February im going to ask my mom for a sevice dog

  5. Annette Melnychuk

    I have the same spacer that you have except mine is without the mask

  6. Sinjin etisi

    I have asthma and allergies too and know how hard it is.

  7. Bert Visscher

    5:26 Judd, for cryin' out loud!
    5:40 More importantly your beer, huh? Oh my freaking gosh!
    11:04 Wow! Easy on the lady! 🙂
    12:20 Sorry Jaquie, but I'm tempted to agree with Judd here.
    13:04 That's not Harlow I'm hearing, is it?

  8. Bombshell Conspiracy Theories


  9. Boxboymike

    How are you not allergic to your dog? I have asthma and allergies and never got used to high dander dogs like labs, beagles, all short haired dogs to be honest.

  10. dragonsthrone

    perfumes, and body sprays set me off because Aluminum is placed in sprays. just for everyone to know it is trigger normally for my asthma to.

  11. facemonkey13

    I had to do the 24 hour urine collection a couple times, too. I'm so thankful I didn't have to pee in public during those tests! It would have been so awkward.

  12. Katherine Denemark

    Props for real life medical tests! It's so great that you're open and up front about this stuff. I've not had to do the urine collection, but probably it's no more fun than scooping spoonfuls of your own poop into little cups, so I doubt I'm missing out haha 😅

  13. animatedpancakes

    The part about your urine test made me laugh so hard! My sister made me get a cooler to stick it in because she wouldn't eat anything in the fridge while it was in there even though the container is well sealed hahahah! Being on h1 and h2 blockers can skew your results but sometimes it can still be useful for your doctor so I hope it is for you!

  14. Beverley Butterfly

    Wow what a team! So glad the three of you managed to sort you out and I'm glad you had a good day despite feeling so tired xx

  15. Kenze And Makki

    That's awesome that Harlow alerted! I scent trained my service dog to alert to my allergic reactions because I have MCAD and I know it really helps! I hope Harlow gets really accurywith them and maybe you can administer the Benadryl before hand to prevent it from accelerometer anaphylaxis!!

  16. armywife4life78

    From one spoonie to another…you are brave!

  17. Jurnee Stadnisky

    where you get Harlow pink slow feeder bowl?

  18. Shelbey DeBlieck-King

    Yay Harlow for doing her trained task and the pre alert have you thought about teaching her to find someone as well as barking or if she won't bark without food

  19. Morgan McCarthy

    when you <3 my happy birthday i was like how does she have time!!!! #loveyou i got mistaken for you once at a college campus cuz i also am a chronic and have a service dog that to some looks like harlow i guess <3

  20. Marissa Campbell Yoneyama

    So happy that Harlow was a stellar dog and altered you. Also, never feel bad for not being able to answer people back on Instagram. Just the fact you take the time to make these videos is amazing and appreciated.

  21. Emet Tauber

    I find that feeding tube backpacks work just as well for hydration IVs. I get mine from here, and she's also a spoonie so your helping support spoonie business https://www.facebook.com/chronicallyfitbackpacks/

  22. simple me & Bandit

    try a high protein shake, add heavy whip cream.

  23. Rosario Mata

    Harlow is the best! she's such a good helper, I wonder how much time do service dogs are able to work for their humans and eventually retire?

  24. Brittney Ortiz

    I had a suggestion for you for a potential task for Harlow for your SPD.
    I have sensory overload issues too (but due to PTSD), nonetheless, my service dog has a task where she guides me through over-stimulating places. And knows how to guide me to the elevator or exit. (i.e., you can have harlow trained to guide you to the register in the grocery store, or produce section, or milk section, etc — to help you shop!). It helps a lot 🙂
    Hope this idea can possibly help you 🙂

  25. Bria Techeira

    Great job Harlow you are such a cutie and amazing dog and Judd you are a very good man and you my friend don't ever let you illnesses get to you are a very strong woman 😍😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕

  26. Claire Elizabeth Blake

    Please do not feel pressured to reply to anyone. Your mental and physical health is so much more important to us. I find it so interesting Harlow is quiet. Sorry the gastroperesis is acting up. Don't feel bad for the urine jug because I cath so it doesn't bother me.
    That Amish market is pretty and the cookies look great, even though it aggravated your sensory overloads. That asthma attack and allergy reaction sounded bad, even though Harlow alerted successfully. Proud of her! You look tired poor thing! I hope you get to sleep and enjoy your steak! I relate to having leftovers! Good night!

  27. Paige Sewell

    Two thumbs up for Harlow today, hope my Golden pup is half as good 💜

  28. Paige Sewell

    LOL….Knew what that jug was as soon as I saw it & where to store it. Been through that a few times, so much FUN!!!! Maybe this sample will work & no repeat necessary, prayers.

  29. Lilly Burkhart

    What an amazing job Harlow did! Have a nice relaxing rest of your night and stay strong💪❤

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