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  1. Meesh y

    I really appreciate you doing research and becoming more conscious of what is recommended due to price, ingredients, and sourcing/ testing.
    I’m trying to use more natural products but don’t have the budget to spend a ton of money to test out beauty and skincare that might not work well.
    I rely on youtubers to test things out, and obviously everyone has a different opinion of what works for them, but knowing your looking more into just “if it works” is awesome.
    Keep up the good work

  2. carolyn martinez

    Hey Allana, Im a chemist and have been working on the study of ingredients in cosmetics. If you have questions and want to know more. DM me and we can have a good conversation!

  3. Kristal Stilley

    I am happy to hear you are looking more into ingredients! I am very careful about clean ingredients, a word about Caudalie… it is great that they are supposedly working to assist China however, they should not still be selling their products their in the mean time because by doing so they ARE KNOWINGLY contributing to more animal testing taking place. In my opinion that is not acceptable, and if more companies stepped up and refused to sell their China would be forced to make a change quicker. I would never choose a brand that sells there and contributes to the pain of animal when there are soooo many options of wonderful companies and products that are truly cruelty-free.

  4. Kimberly Strempek

    what to do in TO during fall vid?

  5. Mathilde

    If you are interested in ingredients there are lots of resources online! I've worked in skincare retail for 4 years, and being able to flip over a bottle of something and read whats in it has always been such a fantastic skill to have. Check out Paula's Choice, they have a great ingredients glossary, as does Mecca in Australia, and a lot of other resources online.

  6. Rach A

    blimey you swallowed the Caudalie pill. There are already tons of alternatives to animal testing that China would use. If brands actually cared they wouldn't't sell there but the $$$ matter more

  7. Bonnie Sears

    Allana, a great resource for figuring out what is in your cosmetics and skincare is https://www.skincarisma.com
    It’s very helpful for figuring out your preferences too!😊💗

  8. Julie G

    Grab a 'covfefe' oh jesus no

  9. Dgoli

    That Vichy serum while there isn't anything wrong with it ingredients wise it doesn't have anything remarkable in it. For the price is should have alot more anti-aging and skin repairing ingredients. That being said it's over priced and should not be recommended to anybody. And Caudalie and Fresh are generally shitty brands with many products full of irritating and damaging fragrant oils. No wonder you suffer from sensitivity. I would too. You're literally spending money to make your skin worse. You should try if you haven't already look into products from Cerve, The inky list, The Ordinary, Paula's choice, and Olay. These brands have some pretty great options and the prices are reasonable. See what works for you and start with their most gentle options and keep us updated with brand reviews.

  10. Katharina

    i feel like you can't believe anything you hear from brands, they label things as "gentle", "clean" and "non-irritating" etc and then use a ton of bad alcohols and other "bad" ingredients…. personally I'm always looking out for silicones and mineral oil and its in sooo many products… and its normal for rose hip oil to lose its colour, you can keep using it! and I'd love to see some dewy, fresh fall makeup tutorials from you, i feel people only do matte everything when fall comes around but i need! the dew!

  11. Cindy Soo

    You make me proud! ❤️

  12. Imola Kiss

    Fall fashunz! How about you try buying only vintage for a month?

  13. Olivia Pearl

    Hi! Cosmetic Chemist and formulator here. So even though alcohol is the fourth ingredient, it could only be in there at a very low percentage. Particularly if it's lower than cannabis sativa seed oil since that can make the product pricey and is definitely not in there at more than 5%. So the alcohol is probably in there to help the product dry quicker. If your skin isn't irritated by it, it's okay to keep using. If you want to know anything else just ask!

  14. Sarah Jansen

    I love that you’re learning about ingredients and the effect that they have on our skin! I’m trying to transition all of my skincare and base products to clean options as I run out of old products, so would love to follow your journey as you maybe do the same 😊

  15. Taylor Knox


  16. Cláudia Morais

    Is this the Roen summer disco in your eyes?

  17. Candice

    LAN- re the soap brows: I wonder if it’s that the spoolie needs to be washed? It looked like there was a lot of soap dried on there, maybe that’s where the flakes came from. xoxo

  18. Caitlin Antonyshen

    I really appreciate you taking the time to tell us more about the ingredients etc 🙂 Thats something you don't hear people talk about very often in the beauty world and its super important!

  19. Hubert

    I would love to see a mustard or muddy green eyelook!

  20. HenBeck3

    I'm so ready for fall😍😍 fall clothing haul would be magical 💕

  21. marta s.

    Look into SkinCarisma. It's very clear, and gradually you'll be able to recognise ingredients much more often. Between silicones, alcohols, silicones, and sulfates, you can look into the curly girl method, and what ingredients are prohibited – learning those ingredients, and looking for key words, you'll be able to analyse an ingredient list much faster.

    Also, fragrance aka bull sh*t. Brands hide behind "fragrance" so they don't have to list other nasty ingredients. Look into Sarah Theresa's YouTube channel to see what she has learned on this topic.

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