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  1. Ashley Bruno

    the ABH foundation is my new HG – I am so impressed with it's finish and staying power.

  2. OfaCertainAge

    I bought the Jackie ABS palette and even with super fair skin, I absolutely LOVE the colors. No idea who Jackie is! But I'm loving the palette! Also bought the mirror from Besame! I no longer have to be jealous of Tati – at least of the mirror!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos!!! Especially the super long ones!!! -Donna🤓

  3. Dale Pearson

    regarding the jackie aina palette, even though it’s not something i was planning on buying, i can really appreciate how much you can really see jackie’s hand in the design. the colors are all tones and things that she wears very often, and of course the names are very jackie too.

    edit: also i’m suuuper tempted to buy that sugarpill palette

  4. Shereese Maynard

    The Dose of Color foundation launch was nice. I've tried 2 shades and I love the coverage and longevity.

  5. Theresa Hopkins

    I got the Kaleidos Makeup collection and I am wanting the sugar pill palette but I really wanted to try illamasqua and inglot and they both had sales when I had so extra spending money so my illamasqua package should be here on Tuesday and I have everything else I both on my little spree. I am getting to do one more shop but I think I am going to wait for clionadh stained glass restock I am not sure which ones to get though so it is going to be hard to choose.

  6. Rachel Taylor

    I got the coloured raine palette, and shipping was like $15 usd to qld. 🤔

  7. maevis

    Really want the new abh foundation but I just can’t justify spending that much on something I’ll use up so quickly 😭

  8. Victor Finke

    I bought both New Fenty Primers and the foundation and it’s amazing! Still can’t get on board with the Jeffree Star Morphe crap

  9. Esther Urwin

    I am really please that Angelica’s collab has sold out. So nice for her. ❤️ If I wasn’t on a NoBuy I would love to try the Kevyn Aucoin Foundation Balm. As it is I will have to rely on you two to review it. I expect it to be permanent, so maybe next year I might get it.

  10. Kathy Aay Beauty

    That KA Balm foundation did not work well on dry, older skin. Sat patchy on my face with or w/o primer. Also did not like the new Fenty and it was supposed to be for dry skin. Returning both. The sleeping beauty mirror is $58! 🙀

  11. Lady Elexia

    For me: Biseme-no, JA pallete-no, JS pallete-no, Colored raine-no, Foundation -no, Sugar pill……cute-no, Coloupop-no, Kaledios-tempted, whelp. Love it when my savings account grows 🙂

  12. Moonlight Mary

    I'll not buying anything you mentioned, because I'm waiting for the Mac x Pony collection 😍😍😍

  13. Cherry

    Definitely picking up some Besame SB.

  14. Vic D'Arcy

    I did a makeup inventory yesterday, including costs & social media influenced purchases. I was disturbed by the first figure but not the second so I think I'm shopping vicariously through you two!😂😂😂

  15. Lisa Yates

    I agree colorpop missed an opportunity to develop a rainbow brush set. As a short sighted girl who can't see much w out my specs I would love a brush set where each handle is a different colour as I can't tell the difference between white or brown bristles w gold Farrell and a black or white handle – they all look the same!

  16. Amy Fowler

    I purchased the power palette from coloured rains

  17. Angelica Nyqvist

    Here I am watching this video even though I never miss an episode and then you mention me, you are TO CUTE! Love you guys! <3 (and I didnt buy any of these, YET, that sugarpill palette is still floating around in my brain hehe)

  18. Alex Rodriguez

    I got the ABH foundation and I love it

  19. Alexandra Bachmann

    I bought part of the sleeping beauty collection as soon as it launched and will probably go back and buy the rest soon.

  20. El Ly

    That Honey palette to me is basically Urban Decay’s take on ND’s Gold palette… so while it’s super pretty idk whether I actually need it.

  21. Anne-Marie le Blanc

    Love your channel just subscribed!! i would love to see your review of the Kevin Aucoin foundation balm!!

  22. Janet Cruz

    I had decided I was going to get myself a palette for my birthday. I love Angie and wanted to buy her collab with Davinah, but they sold out. 😭😭😭

  23. Skeever Apfelbaum

    Oh, and I bought the Sugarpill palette 🙂

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