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  1. mariam awan

    Missed your January readings.. hope you’re doing well. Stay happy and blessed

  2. Sankar Chatterjee

    Thank you very much Jane.

  3. Michele capriotti

    You described what I couldn’t put into words! Fantastic. Thank you Jane ❤️

  4. Sillan Morg

    Yes yes yes! Exactly 🙏

  5. Hinemoa Métisse

    Thank you Jane.
    Blessings to you. 🌹

  6. markers silent dreamer

    Thank you Jane ❤️✨✨🌻

  7. Janet Rajkumar

    Hey Jane, how are you feeling in all of these ending/beginning energies? I'm definitely feeling pushed towards a new cycle…out of my comfortable mental prison. Fear of the unknown, but know it's better than where I've been 💗

  8. free spirit

    beautiful spread 🙏

  9. EmilyVonSpears

    She's alive!!!!! No messages for January, I guess?!

  10. samanthabirdx

    Was worried about you, glad you’re back 🤍

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