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  1. Marilyn Capehart

    Thanks 10-10-19

  2. just jenene.

    Pumpkin spice candles all Fall every Fall. Cinnamon sticks. Hot chocolate and marshmallows with frothy milk. Fireplace, warm fleece blanket and Fall/holiday season movies with homemade hearty chili.🍂🍁🍂🎃

  3. Janae Latrice

    These candle descriptions 😭

  4. • BTB

    2:48 there she goes again with the Amazon.😂👌

  5. demiwashere

    kendra is killing it with this middle part😩😩

  6. L Bell

    Oh & the tea too

  7. L Bell

    I just love y'all! This month makes 3 yrs I've been natural. I've learned so much from you gals! The candle descriptions…lol. I'm not one that's crazy bout perfumes but definitely want to try the ones mentioned. Also will try the Dove mask & the eye shadow palettes. Thx so much ladies!

  8. AmberCheri

    Caress Evenly Gorgeous is everything to me!! 😩

  9. kandiluvzu

    I legit watch this channel every day. The support will never dwindle. And I comment as much as I can without looking like I'm cray😂🙈

  10. Vernadine Mccullough

    Hi Kendra love you and Kelsey fall beauty essentials, but Kendra this is for you,
    I see you have the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Mask. Just wanted to let you know that QVC has that same mask on sale 2 for $60.00 (5.1oz) each. It's their one day only sale.

  11. kv m

    A good dupe for that Elizabeth and James rose scent is huda beauty's kayali elixir

  12. Monique Wilson

    Hi ladies! Love you both! We share a b-day month! How awesome is that?!

  13. Yvette Arnold

    I love the Dove body polish. Nirvana white and black are my favorites out of all of them. My favorite Marc Jacobs is Twinkle. Out of all BBW Candles Mahogany teakwood and hot butterscotch

  14. Allison Chisholm

    I enjoyed watching this video. I like some of the things you showed in the video. Thanks for sharing.

  15. spongebobgirlfriend

    Caress is so hard to wash all the way off

  16. Atara Israel

    Kendra maybe you should make your own perfume and Kelsey make her own candle 👀👀👀🤷🏽‍♀️

  17. T Love

    I enjoy the flavor of that tea as well but other natural flavors are usually chemicals. Y’all look so grazing stunning. My beautiful twins!

  18. Candice YahColiah

    I love you two🤗. I'm going to go buy everything!🤣

  19. T Love

    I like summer and fall. I like cooler weather and the start of the school year. Summer I like because it’s vacationy ( I know I made that word up) I wa born in August so maybe that’s why I like summer because I like my birthday.

  20. Jada Monaé

    I tried the dove exfoliate & didn’t like it ; It wasn’t exfoliating enough for me. I did however love the tree hut sugar scrub you mentioned before!

  21. Kinky Koily Kayla

    Do Tom come hand deliver the perfume for $450? Asking for myself

  22. coco chanel

    I can vouch for the trader joes tea. I had two cups today and it was a mood. on our third box in a week.

  23. PolishedOne

    love the favorites….the candles make me happy -lol 🍂🔥

  24. Satoria Dillon

    I so love how y'all give such a realistic description of all the products.. I use that's gorgeous body wash it's my favorite !!!!?👍👏

  25. Aileen Farley

    I loved everything about this video

  26. MilitaryDoll314

    I figured it out!!! Pumpkin Pecan Waffles smells JUST like Cap'n Crunch Cereal!

  27. Tatiana Pierre

    Macy’s also have the Elizabeth perfume it’s amazing love it. Love you guys 😍 great video

  28. MsDiva1587

    I love fall and winter I’m i winter baby my bday is in December. I’m gonna have to get that colourpop eyeshadow palette I’m loving the colors in it.

  29. Pattra Smith


  30. curly girl94

    Kendra, is the marc Jacobs Perfum sold in Sephora?do they sell it different sizes ?

  31. unaBRIDGEd32

    Y’all should try E&J Nirvana Bourbon.

  32. brownskndbeauty08

    I live for these types of videos from ya'll! I am currently looking for a new fall scent too. Def going to check out these fragrances.

  33. Ja'nae YaVonne

    Love these candle descriptions🤣

  34. Ashli A.

    That Decadence perfume is EVERYTHING!

  35. Cake Supply_Lady

    Cannot wait for the candles to go back on sale. Great video.

  36. Brittney Kennedy

    Love y'all make up! I'm a November baby too! 11/06

  37. Linda Joyner

    Hi ladies
    I can't be without the peter thomas roth pumpkin mask. I love the way my skin looks and feel after each use. I definitely will be trying the dove body polish. Thanks for your recommendations ladies. ❤❤😍😘

  38. Latasha Mckoy

    OMG! The way y'all describe the scents of the candles remind me of YouTuber Tyler Ramey! OMG! Hilarious! Great video ladies! I have both of those Body Washes. I am a couponer so I have tons! Gonna definitely try the body scrub!!!

  39. Jamaya Rocheal

    That Evenly Gorgeous body wash is amazing 😩 the smell is whew 🥰

  40. Imperfection_Beauty21

    I literally just ran to family dollar to buy the caress body wash. Finna test this out TONIGHT💕☺️

  41. RizzyBone

    Kendra's lip combos are so bomb!!

  42. Create Your Best Version

    I’m a twin and we are fall babies too….btw …you two serving up beautiful 💗💞 eye colors nomb🙌

  43. Janabou Diallo

    The way y’all describe those candles cracked me up!!

  44. Jas Nicole

    Shirt details please, love them both 💕

  45. Connie Devine

    I love you guys makeup…..#fallcolors😩🥰😍

  46. Zakira K Guyton

    Kendra I love that fall color on you. Very pretty sweater.

  47. LOVE JOY

    🍂Happy Fall🍁

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