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  1. Tiana Stroshin

    I love your hair!

  2. Katie Teddy

    Gorgeous autumn eye look! I love the idea of doing the under eye first and that declining line.

  3. Kelly Slack

    You have the best tips and tricks for applying eyeshadow to hooded eyes. I have hooded, droopy and fairly deepest eyes. Any tips and tricks for that Arielle? Thank you, you’re fabulous🤗

  4. Wildhoney

    A man

  5. Diana Robinson

    Love love it!!

  6. Tara Gísladóttir

    Your hair😍😍😍❤


    Omg! Arielle has been one of my favorite artists! Sooo talented and just the kindest person EVER❤

  8. Thunderstorm Alkemist

    Arielle has such a soothing voice 😍

  9. Pamela Corral

    I love this. Im excited to try it on my hooded eyes.

  10. Nancy B

    I'm ALWAYS excited to see Arielle demonstrating a look!!! I know it's going to be exciting and I'll be learning something helpful. Thanks Arielle, you are one beautiful lady ❣️

  11. Dana Cohen

    On a different note… please start a recycling campaign of some sort- even if it is just education to consumers but hopefully even bigger! Sephora could do soooooo much worldwide and I bet the brands would follow suit !

  12. curvygemini

    the lips are freaking me out….

  13. Kristin Frazee

    Hum, love huda beauty ! But something was just very off with this video? She did not look comfortable doing any of it. Which I understand, I still get nervous applying makeup. Just something very off. Maybe the lip colors, hum I don't know.

  14. Raven E

    The Pennywise smile creeps me out.

  15. Joycelyn

    I just LUV YOUR tutorials!!!!!!!. I have hooded eyes "Mature hooded eyes. THANK YOU!!!!
    I love warm fall colors. Keep the tutorials coming!!!!

  16. Charity Wrenn


  17. Lisette V

    LOVE IT!!!!

  18. Pamea Hallisey

    Great tutorial Arielle! Love the lash curler.

  19. Dora mm

    We are watching a man that he does his make up as a woman…and this is something normal….Please,inform the audience that you want to look like a woman and you are a man first.. cause is misleading

  20. Lori Frederick

    Thank you Arielle for the great fall eye look. I love the colors on you! You look gorgeous!

  21. stacey hayes

    Absolutely Gorgeous! I love the eye colors, lashes and your lips are Amazing! I write down all the steps with stopping the video constantly to make sure I have all the steps right! Keep the video’s coming! Xoxo Stacey H. Long Island, NY

  22. Rene Krienitz

    The eye look was so pretty…I love how the outer corners of the eye just kind of melted into the lashes. A very pretty, wearable eye look.

  23. Kristen Weick

    So pretty! I'll have to try this look…I'm still having a hard time creating looks I like with my hooded eyes. 🙁

  24. Stephanie D. Williams


  25. Janell Davis

    This is just fabulous I love your tips for hooded eyes because I always struggle where to put the color so that they show up and definitely show out love this video can’t wait to see more for hooded eyes thank you 😊

  26. Nyah Claymont

    I love Sephora makeup, you beautiful woman inspire me♥️💋👑 you guys are all queens also my favorite fall look is smokey eyes and I have those same lashes there are thick and bomb beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍.

  27. Estela Joloya

    Arielle’s eyes are NOT hooded . Her eyelids are thick and they do not fall back onto the eyes as real hooded eyes are prone to do. I should know I have hooded eyes.

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