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  1. Cinzia Drew

    The hoodies-/pullovers, tea, movie evenings💕

  2. Marisol Figueroa

    My favorite thing about fall is how the leaves change color

  3. Lucero Desiderio

    The colors and clothing. I thrive during fall.

  4. Milena Pukalo

    Please make more hairstyle for certain outfits video!

  5. Milena Pukalo

    The weather, the long sleeves and coats, and the caramel spice from Starbucks!

  6. Nermin Faris

  7. dat boi

    jen more like poularmmos

  8. Macu Mendoza

    Favourite thing about the fall is the colors

  9. v Gold

    you look like Hila Klein from H3H3, but a tiny bit prettier.

  10. Princess Nerd

    Jen you seriously scream EFFORTLESS! 🙌🏻

  11. Samantha Veitch

    My favourite thing about fall is the colours – it's such a beautiful time of year and I think fall or "autumn" in New Zealand is a perfect balance of cool and sunny days

  12. Sincerely Brittany

    My favorite thing about fall is the beautiful crisp weather that gives me a chance to wear boots and a hat! ❤️
    Email: sincerelybrittany01@gmail.com

  13. Kristine Juanico

    Im not familiar with fall season because in our country we don't have a fall season

  14. Karageorgiou Sisters

    New channel here! Please subscribe ❤️😘

  15. Natalie Bavi

    My favorite thing about the fall
    Is the weather temp in NY and candle scents! Also riding boots and sweaters ❤️

  16. ShellyPalchan

    fav thing about fall is definitely pumpkin spice!!!

  17. Meghali Chanda

    Fav things-the beige colour the camel colour in fashion favourite. And you can wear a pajama inside your fashionable cardigans. Amd still be stylish 🤣🤣

  18. Nereyda Perez

    Wow i just saw the video with Charlotte T!!!! Congrats!!!👏🏼👏🏼 good luck everyone!!! Favorite thing about Fall is jackets and boots!!!!

  19. Kim Vergara

    My favorite thing about fall is the nice crisp weather & be comfortable wearing sweaters & drinking a hot chai latte 😍 Jen you’re my inspiration

  20. Crushed Velvet

    Love your effortless but chic style.Excited to check out the body creme!

    My favorite thing about fall was growing up in the Pacific Northwest and stepping on the crunchy leaves!

  21. Anja

    Please do a tutorial on how you treat/wash your hair – it's gorgeous!

  22. Uzma Momin

    My fave thing about fall is the coziness and family time

  23. Pia Deleon

    Favorite thing about fall:Going apple picking!!

  24. Daydreamer101

    Favourite thing about Autumn: Boots. ALL of them.

  25. Abril Agnew

    My favorite thing about fall is pumpkin patches and the colors!

  26. Stephany Bravo

    Jen great suggestions, love your energy and content! Can you please keep doing flying tip videos they are so helpful!! Fall is amazing because I get to see all my family again. The temperature change is my favorite! Cuddle season is on blast!

  27. exclusively_emma x3

    I live in Massachusetts so of course my favorite thing is the fall foliage every year! Never see anything as beautiful like this time of year!!!! ❤️❤️

  28. lizzie's DIYs

    My favorite thing about fall is the weather and clothing styles!

  29. Shay A

    My favorite thing about fall is the leaves changing and the fashuun!

  30. Callie Davis

    leaves changing color!

  31. Ella Shae

    My favorite thing about fall? I think it must be playing around with colors that are just so pretty, and I love layering.

  32. Amy Bohner

    Favorite things about fall is layering, sweaters, and the colors changing!

  33. Kelly huerta

    Love your videos. So authentic. Fall is so amazing I love the fashion in fall! Clothes during the fall season is everything!

  34. Tamarian Mixon

    My favorite thing about fall is the cold weather because it makes my face clear and glow😌

  35. Monica Pichler

    My favorite thing about Fall is all the festive food😋

  36. Alicia Giro

    favorite thing about fall: the weather & sweaters 🙂

  37. rms rai

    Favourite thing about fall : it's my birthday during fall, Halloween makeovers, dressing up cute and cosy, getting all cosy and watching movies ❤️🎃👻

  38. Sofia Shanahan

    Sweater weather is the best thing about fall imho 😏

  39. Jamie Davao

    My simple favourite things during fall: the vibe & the weather. The vibe because the surrounding is just more colourful and lively. Weather because it’s not too cold not too hot. Just perfect to wear your favourite coat and style it.

    Also. I want to see more of what’s a day in my life vids and what’s in my bag more kinda vids 🙂 thank you for your content ♥️

  40. Julie Lycho

    Well, it's the start of Spring here in Sydney , Australia, but I love how Starbucks brings out the Pumpkin Spice Lattes here now. So what I love about your Fall ( what we call Autumn Downunder lol ) is that we get to drink PSL in Spring!!!!! xoxo

  41. Ava Amrahs

    My favorite thing about fall is the fun festive energy, warm and long days snuggling up in bed, using products that are infused with warm fall scents like pumpkin spice and chai lattes!

  42. adriana rojas

    My favorite thing about fall are how the weather changes and the different outfits you can put together without sweating

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