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  1. MILIND barhe


  2. Jeffrey Alhammouri

    Ty for the tips!

  3. OnlyBigBoned

    "Supersport bikes like RC 200",

  4. kristianne romel

    how tough is ktm rc 200? any issue such as oil leaks.. electrical… heating? tire slippery? ill wait for ur review..ty a lot.. ur english is good bhai 😉😉😉

  5. dablacksunshine

    Thalaivaa.. Tell me the truth.. For people of our age.. Do you recommend these kind of bikes for daily commute?

  6. Techelsa 24

    Wow Neffex song intro 🙂

  7. sarath menon

    Don't u think all agressive sports bike needs cornering abs

  8. Omkar Tawde

    You are looking chutiya on bike not suitable for you

  9. Arvind Tn

    I own a MT-15 and can anyone say how to prevent ourselves from pain in groin area.?

  10. Noble 258609

    i am 6’2”
    is it okay to buy r15 v3 for me?

    will i get back or wrist pain?

  11. Overrunner

    That’s not a super sport, that’s more of a sport, handled are too high

  12. wangs Wangdi

    Benchot Hindi Sai bolo Na har kai kha Sai samaj Mai aiga

  13. Eazy Biker

    Nice video bro… keep it up..

  14. REm Thang

    Nice bike though.

  15. Abhijeet Mohapatra

    Or thank you etne information dene ki rading ke liye

  16. Abhijeet Mohapatra

    Are Bhai ye England nehi hai ye India hai jo v bolna hai Hindi me bolo hamara matrubhumi ko mat bhulooo

  17. nOOB OF CONSOle

    so much hassles for this little comfort…this in this out….butt cheek.. shoulder….thigh exercise……….. my friend plz go and grab a cruiser bike..,🧐

  18. Antonio Amaro

    My wrist hurting after 3 hour ride , def. Doing something wrong, thanks for the tips

  19. Subhrajit Kapoor

    I will follow but philosophy. Do whatever you want🤣🤣😂

  20. sushil horo

    butt cheek position should really be taken care of😂😂😂

  21. vinoth kumar

    Bro …. I going buy a bike ( RE Himalayan or Bajaj Dominar),but I have confusion about which one is more comfortable ( without back pain, body pain and bumps) …..I tried test drive but that's a very short distance so I can't find issues……..so give me some suggestions.

  22. Rahul Kumar

    Thankful to the The butt cheek clarification Dino. Was doing it wrong way. 😋

  23. Shyamkishor Sagolsem

    What the price of bike bro

  24. nihal karkera

    Very useful info to overcome the wrong sporty bike posture on daily hustle👍

  25. watd978787

    Im just watching the bike..


    your demo vehicle goona be someone own bike😑

  27. cindee khiangte

    Sir, can we know how much is your height?
    It'll really help us !

  28. Sidharth C

    Great information sir, can u pls make a video on safer riding gears in the market now..

  29. Jinu Jp

    Jet engine boom sound in background..
    Bt usefull vdo bro..

  30. Ayush Shankhdhar

    What is your height? Please tell us otherwise all the information you have shared will be applicable to you only.

  31. Star Sidd

    Most wanted video, explained very clear & well detailed thank you ✌️😊♥️

  32. Santhosh Karthic

    Bro if i use this method can i ride more than 100 km without pain …i planing to buy ktm bike..rc200 or duke250 confuse which one to choose

  33. sweeky TV


  34. Crazybaaz

    Utro yaar bike se, hasa rahe ho😂

  35. i_am a_common_man

    Gud info..
    i hv p150 ridng cntinu fr 2 yrs +..
    i hv felt dt b4 buyng ny bike 1 shld cnsidr d h8t & accrdngly he/she shld buy d byk & also fr wt purpse wl b usng dt byk.. no mattr hw mch u apply techniq t avoid d pain u simply cnt,aftr prlong ridng on daily basis it wl defintly affct d bdy aspcly if u r a shrt fellw, ridng a tall & hvy byk also d tym priod u r ridng 1 shld cnsidr. Fr daily purps Sprt_byk is nt n wise choice, shld go fr comutatr 1.. Sprt byk is ideal fr weekend ride or so
    ..dts a prsnl vw.. tnq hv a nyc day

  36. Pratik Patil

    Sir your height? … Ideal height to ride ktm bikes specially RC
    Thank you

  37. Vishal Pix

    I saw u bro in our area at park parking ur making pulsar review gray

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