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  1. BigShow Prime

    What do you think of Ayurveda vs Allopathy? Please type below.

  2. Cécile Rischmann

    The topic was of interest to me as I know of a case who was first treated with Ayurveda and was then shifted to Allopathy. While I'm all for Ayurvedic facials and massages I feel that in a crises situation we should opt for Allopathy. But I must say, Mr Menon, the way the show is conducted is very innovative, the information well researched, and it is about time we have educative channels!

  3. Maze Winners

    Good one Sir!

  4. Films Room

    Beautiful. Need more of such info talks

  5. Glory Vijay

    Interesting indeed!

  6. antony paul

    Topics are really interesting and informative.

  7. Great information

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