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  5. Amanda Rossouw

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  18. jbarajaj

    I'm a Kapha body type and I would like to see a video of great foods for Kapha body types. I have read the recipe, but I am more of a visual person. Are there any videos that show how to make these recipes?

  19. Ihsan Malik

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  20. Roshan Khadka

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  21. Dave Krug

    very interesting… my traditional chinese medicine doctor told me to eat only 3 meals a day too, not for weight loss but for stress, sleep, and feeling "ungrounded". Eating 3 meals deepened my sleep SIGNIFICANTLY- I went from not dreaming AT ALL at nite to having awesome dreams. And my TCM doc did similar research and found that 3 meals is best, not 5-6 meals. When you eat too close to bedtime, you disrupt melatonin production. Also, I went from 12% body fat to 10%. This doctor is right!!!

  22. nyclear

    So what is happening to the people who eat same amount of calories just spread out to 5-6 meals who report losing weight?

  23. thebalance229

    @jojojigaboo I agree in a sense that he's making a lot of money off of impersonalizing it, but America nowadays seems to like objectivity because it may be cheaper and more widespread knowledge.

  24. clik2talk

    OK what are this guy's credentials? He doesn't look Indian and I don't know what kind of a doctor he is – medical, PhD or honorary. How do we know he is authentic?

  25. Trupti S

    You make a simple, but a very important point. Will check out more of your posts. Thank you.

  26. researchfiend

    I have watched his videos Ayurveda for Detox and Ayurveda for stress and he makes some interesting points such as deep diaphramatic breath allows one to stimulated the lower lobes of the lungs to destress. Gay Hendrick who wrote Conscious Breathing goes more into this.

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