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  1. O C

    Ruined my back over one year ago via the deadlift.

  2. Lany Burnett

    I had severe low back pain for a year. Couldn’t even put my own socks on without cringing in pain. I had a really bad imbalance with my core. I got my core strong, and am able to do deadlifts again. Now, proper deadlifts actually help my back pain. I also really like doing them with the trap bar too. But, core strength app the way!! Best exercise I found is called the Hollow Hold. Google it if you want to be free of that back pain. Great video!

  3. JokerCirca66

    This guys not a real physician.

  4. Michael Kawamoto

    Hello great video. I had a question. I heard a loud pop when I was deadlfiting incorrectly now I have really bad lumbar spine pain. What could you say are possible mechanisms of injury?

  5. Gentleman And a Scholar

    The advice I wish I could have gotten earlier was don’t bite more than you can shew. I was a basketball player from 12 to 18 , after taking two years off I was out of shape and stopped playing basketball. I started going to the gym and I worked my way to 455 pounds in 3 months , until one day when I tried 455 for 2 rep pr it happened , my back rounded my eyes blacked out and my hamstring tore. I became depressed , I lost motivation , I had to take pain pills all day , I started smoking a lot of weed to feel happy , after 1 year lay off my back started to feel a little better , but I still get chronic back pain and I still have an abnormal gait , I have a hole in my hamstring and the tear is so bad I’ll never be able to deadlift again or even do leg curls at all. Was the journey worth it ? It definitely was fun while it lasted watching myself progress and gain confidence but it left me with an injured spine and muscle problems. I’d have never tried deadlifting if I knew what it could potentially cause , or I’d have never let my ego determine the weight I’d deadlift , your spine is not as strong as you think it is , life itself has enough demanding tasks that you could not be able to do if you ruin your back deadlifting

  6. Michael Angelo Dionisio

    How can I know if I had strained back or injured disk? Because I did deadlifts, my bad I tried lifting heavier than usual weight that I lift, then something happened in my back. I can walk, I can even reach my feet with my hands. But I feel the pain in my lower back. Do I need to xray it or this just need rest? I would reallt like to read your response. Thank you.

  7. Muzaka

    Deadlift pr 190 with good form, did 60 kg with a overextended back and went up too aggressively, injured it pretty bad. Tragic case 🙁

  8. Rick King

    Was stupid in high school and screwed up my back doing them, nearly 40 now and i still hurt from time to time.

  9. Plastic Free Mermaid

    Thank you!

  10. DS

    this exercise at minute 4:30 is amazing, I do it almost every day,, I add weights, like 4 kg when I do it… then I begin to deadlift with 20 kg. I am 42 and have several worn out discs and a herniated disc. These exercises are great, but must be done properly and you must add weight only when your muscles are ready for it.

  11. DS

    I was diagnosed with a very severe herniated disc L4 (the disc burst and it is now very flat, less than half of its original size). I could not walk properly, not even sleep, for weeks, I had a tough life for months. Then a physiotherapist who is a former professional rugby player, trained me like an athlete, starting from basic exercises your granny would do… the exercises became tougher with tiem.. pain began to be manageable, I improved flexibility… some of the exercises included straight legs deadlifts, Romanian deadlifs and hip dissociation (a sort of dead lift movement). I lift only 15 – 20 kg at the moment, but that is enough to strengthen those lower back muscles. Squatting is also another important exercise. The idea that you should not lift with a bad back is really obsolete; your spine is meant to support lots of weight, but you must know how to do it and you must build muscles… bigger muscles mean greater bone density and a safer spine.

  12. Shannon Huffman

    This back ache guide book truly is amazing to me, look for Google "Kemzαnο Loni". Normally, the position of my knees, hips and back is maintained due to this. I no more encounter uncomfortable sensations each time get out of bed. In addition, I observed developments in my knees due to this program.. .

  13. Unal Ali

    Yep hurt my lower back from deadlifting about 7 years ago its never healed it gets me aleast twice a year were i cant move ,i dont deadlift anymore ,all by dc did was he sent me to have a xray and said everything is ok please help.

  14. WildMacadamia

    To the comment section: Deadlifts aren’t the problem, you are the problem, strengthen your body or form and try again.

  15. Ginger Bell

    Google “Kemzαnο Loni” back discomfort guide to find out why it’s effective. It drastically treated my critical chronic back pain brought on by a recent injury. I had been able to position well on my side or back, alleviating some of the muscle spasms..

  16. Tamara Weiss

    I had been experiencing back pain while attempting to sleep at nighttime. I love to rest on my side and this was tossing my hips out of position. Using this certain back problems guidebook, "Kemzαnο Loni" (Google it) it is executed the trick. I can now sleep well once again given that my back problems is gone..

  17. Pauline Landry

    Google “Kemzαnο Loni” back problems guide to know why it’s efficient. My critical back pain was treated because of it. But it will help me to set in my side or back which will help minimize several of the muscle spasms. ..

  18. Riccardo


  19. haza1234

    Pulled my back doing deadlifts with correct form. Basically don't do deadlifts!

  20. Sleepy K

    Yeah my lower back is fucked up

  21. Jesse Hill

    These are great ways to help . I pulled mine last week . One thing I find u can do your self is letting your body hang from a pull up bar for a minute right after it happened and avoid sitting as much as you can laying flat is okay but when u sit down you tighten up bad. I was trying to go for a new max and just locked up

  22. Khaos969

    I hurt my lower back doing a dead lift with no belt heavy , cold shooting pain instantly stopped training and knew I’d fuck up… took just over a week to heal , could hardly walk , muscle spasms that were agony when i moved in bed … kept stretching everyday , anti inflammatory and rest eventually it goes … and you will be able to deadlift again but give it a month before you deadlift at least and start light.

  23. Haragei Lucid

    Most important is to brace the core. Look up "valsalva method"..

  24. Saharin Cuker

    I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to discover how to reduce back pain try Magonsi Back Pain Expert (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my partner got amazing results with it.

  25. Zander Giuffrida

    lol this guy is not a physician he's a chiropractor…

  26. kishore sadha

    Really a great video, you almost answered all the questions that i had in my mind. I recently injured my lower back a week ago by doing dead lift. On the same day i consulted a orthopaedic doctor and now I don't have any pain. How long should I avoid dead lift and can you please list out if there is any other exercise should I be avoiding. Thanks

  27. TheColombiano89

    thanks doc…just injured my lower back..Police officer

  28. clash with me !

    i recently hurt my lower back in this one spot lower left side wondering what i should do it just hurts to bend over?

  29. Matthew Brosnan

    Hi Dr, I have severe scoliosis but my curve hasn't progressed in over 5 years. My doctor gave me the okay to do squats and deadlifts but I'm feeling low back pain on my deadlifts. I'm not sure what my weakness is on the exercise but I may have been overextending like you mentioned.

    In general, I know my body well and know I have imbalances. I have tight hams, weak abs, weak chest, and a very strong upper back. What do you believe would be good secondary exercises to support my lower back for the deadlift? All I know so far is I'm going to do planks to strengthen my abs but I'm worried about other exercises potentially reinforcing my problem.

  30. Adibuzz08

    hello doctor i injured my back lifting, possibly bad form but here in uk we dont just get mri scans or xray i just got given some painkillers and told to rest and stretch. Anyway i did that and slowly got back in to my weights but for the past 2 months i randomly end up straining my back where i cant lean to one side its get so bad i have to take days off work cuz i cant straighten my back after resting few days it get better but happens again when i try to lift. What can be done. thanks

  31. Tre CVOK

    dont do weight you can't handle is the first problem before form for any lift.

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