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    Do they take medicare for the Thermotex Platinum?

  2. Denny R

    I find the Harbor Freight EZ Reach & Grab Pickup and Reaching Tool to useful for picking up stuff from the ground so I don't have to bend over.

  3. Slizzy Slay

    You guys are awesome 😊

  4. Tiffany A

    OMG BRAD… you sound just like Norm McDonald!!!

  5. Abradolf Honkler

    The intro song starts with a loud pop that is rather jarring. Would take all of 30 seconds to fix and my ears would appreciate it.

  6. Jannell Meagher

    No worries Bob, I am old, too! Lol

  7. Firebird 7479

    I use to have a really fast pace but my back has gotten to the point where my stride has shortened tremendously over the years.

  8. Bernard Beanman

    How Brad gets in and out of bed is exactly how I do it after 3 bottles of vino

  9. Jennifer Mitchell

    Want you to know I love you guys. Thanks for letting me know not to do them in the front yard. 😂

  10. SJ R

    Spewed my coffee 07:`18

  11. G Hammer

    I have chronic back pain but I can't afford that thermal pack 🙁

  12. Alombardi82

    Love you guys, thanks

  13. ckalnicki

    Walking makes it worse for me. The cramp I get right above my buttocks makes it almost impossible to walk. My leg almost collapsed until I stopped walking… It's quite debilitating.

  14. About Creativity

    Very good, ´´The best is yet to be.´´ – Robert Browning.

  15. Loraine Spencer

    My back tightens when I do the dishes and make dinner.

  16. Moggridge

    Bob & Brad: you won't believe they're not married.

  17. Polybruh

    Whenever I hear the intro. Insant like lol

  18. James Wang

    The last get-up is my self figured way when I injuries my back on a shaking loosen treadmill. Took my like 2 months to heal to be able to get up properly again. And I never run on any treadmill again.

  19. Move_I_Got_This

    My back went out 4 times this summer and I found this channel and now my back is stronger than ever.
    The one that helps me the most isn’t on this video.
    You put your hands on the wall above your head and you pull your right hand back while extending your left leg back then alternate and do the left arm and right leg.
    I do sets of 50 or less.
    I also stand and reach my right arm out while raising my left knee and then alternate, it twists my back.
    When my back is tight I do these and within a couple of minutes I’m feeling fine.
    Yesterday I picked about 40 items and moved them, they weighed 20 to 50 pounds each.

  20. jojo bach

    You guys are Awesome.!! Love your friendly personalities and how you genuinely care about "us"
    God bless you both ❤

  21. After9Design

    I've been watching for a week or so and just 1 or 2 ideas have helped immensely. I love how simple and unpretentious they're advice is. Thanks!

  22. Rose Hagood

    Thanks! I needed this.

  23. rik rik

    Off topic but PE teacher here. What 4 or 5 stretches would you recommend teaching elementary kids that will help them their entire life.

  24. Diane Thoroughman

    How do you get up or lay down when your mattress is directly on the floor?

  25. A P X

    Bob & Vegan

  26. M B

    Thank you Brad and Bob! 💛

  27. Smile Smile

    Makenzie rolls are great!

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