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  1. 95thRiflesOCI

    Hes chewing Khat

  2. JoeKing

    Gurny Sanders

  3. EL Brown

    WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR CHAINSAW MASSAGE? I can't seem to find it anyways please reupload it

  4. Patrycja Piecko

    This micro is very very bad

  5. Michael Amado

    They're using just the solo mic's audio. Notice how the horns are incredibly diminished/low and infrequent in these recent videos? They're muting the phone's audio in post and relying on this new mic. Which is super subpar. I suggest going back to old method.

  6. thedames123

    You hear the clapping and car horns and nothing else 🙁

  7. theultimaterom

    Only Asim for me.

  8. Herr Müller

    Biswajt is the best.. but clean the room please. Its really dirty

  9. Kristian Bohr

    Whatever he is chewing, he needs to stop doing it on camera. That is gross.

  10. Sanjaya Elnino

    Nice sounds 😂

  11. Jānis Nordens

    Same people! Disgusting!

  12. prodigygod1

    swear whenever i get a massage whether its professional or not the neck and lower scalp is largely ignored… it feels better there more than anywhere else imo.

  13. Anurag Sen

    Things that have no place on earth :-
    1) Your mic
    That's it.

  14. John Demiur

    their sound is getting better and better

  15. Pap Infinity

    Hello love your channel

  16. Aidan L

    Hi can I have a shout out

  17. D7ooom Al asara

    . 11

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