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  1. Denis

    After scaring all the boys a woman was happy to be the first ''volunteer'' to get pay to do it LOL

  2. Peter Joseph

    great video! thank you for all the tips and information and for making the videos enjoyable to watch and easy to learn from!! you guys do great work!!!

  3. Snowflake1


  4. jodejack

    Another great and informative video.

  5. Claudio Gonzalo

    Mmmmm no thanks.

  6. ken306809

    Oh Damn , it's a woman … never mind , see ya

  7. Alan

    Well done. You have no idea how badly I need your services. Hope you mates are safe and hope the rains do not bring floods. We watch what is happing over there on T.V. Our thoughts are with you all.

  8. Lester Echols

    Great video, my hip is always hurting

  9. sari taylor

    Great vid guys

  10. brawales

    A woman? Oh no.

  11. wabi777

    Great informational video! Hope you guys are staying safe over in AU!

  12. Paul Marshall

    Informative vid looks great thanks. I couldn’t help note though that your table looks set to low for your height? Therapist back care day should be a thing. Like mothers stay only I instead of flowers 💐 it should be heat balm and 🤗 hugs. When you stand next to your table your arm with a closed fist should just touch it. 🙈🙏☀️

  13. musicguy20

    Unsubscribes lol

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