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  1. Liz Lynch

    Mid-Sept ‘19, while powerlifting, I started to feel my back hurt more and more after my Intensity days. My coach has a Starting Strength Cert. I record and she analyzes every rep, from every set of the 4 major lifts. 5 years ago my form was crap but since then, I improved tremendously. The latest thing we were working on was hip drive with squats. I squat low bar, and I have a long torso. I was having a hard time keeping my hips in sync with my upper body coming up out of the hole. My hips lagged. So I decided the only way I can fix this was to mentally over exaggerate the hips. By doing this, my chest started to lag, and boom, low back started to hurt. I pushed through for a few more weeks and it got worse and worse(the pain.) During those few weeks that I “pushed through” the workouts, the right side of my quad was getting numb, then tingly, then absolutely on fire at night. I had to stop all together. It was affecting all 4 lifts. I went to a chiro and that was a waste of time. I did PT for 5 weeks which helped recede the numbness to mid thigh. It had been hip to knee and the beginnings of big toe tingles. PT referred me to a Spine doc. He thought it was time for steroid shots. At that point I was only taking Ibuprofen mid afternoon through the evening. Met with Spine doc. Says I need an MRI. Got that done and waiting to see ortho to review on Monday 1/13. I haven’t worked out since 10/25. I even stopped the PT home exercises in December because I felt like they were making things worse. The last five weeks since I stopped PT, the numbness has been ever so slowly going away on its own but not totally gone yet. In the mornings, I am good and can clean house, walk dogs, do errands. By 3pm my back hurts. I bought the book by Stuart McGill and read it cover to cover. Unfortunately his Big 3 exercises are similar to PT. I am at a loss as to what to do next. I want to be prepared going into this appt on Monday. Thoughts? I also want to prevent this from happening again. Thanks!

  2. Sean King

    I injured my back 10+ years ago working as a firefighter. I fought it for years but developed cauda equina syndrome and had no choice but emergency surgery. I feel stuck in a cycle of stress. Pain>can’t work>stress>pain….
    Trying to break the cycle now
    Btw. I’ve followed the mechanical advice of McGill, McKenzie, Eric Goodman, Mark Rippetoe, Bret Contreras, etc… to not much improvement.. maybe there’s more connection with the mind. I hope I figure this out before losing another decade to back pain

  3. Nick Benhoff

    Great video! thanks for sharing, looking forward to more videos.

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