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  1. manjula manjula

    Sir intha exercise morning seiyanuma illa eppa vendhumanulum seiyalama plz sollunga sir

  2. Alagu Raji

    Sir I have siatica pain l5 s1buldge Nan seyyalama

  3. alagar samy

    Sir muthugu pudikuthu any solution are there


    Sir, in this video ladies shall the practice first exercise ???


    super exercises

  6. K. Selva Kumar

    Very useful thanks sir

  7. Nagavidhya N

    Thank you

  8. Kashifsultan Ahmed

    Amazing exercise

  9. Cherman Durai

    Super sir

  10. Shobi Be

    Super….good effect

  11. Estevan Sanz

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  12. Jessie Bernard

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