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  1. Ross from Friends

    That shirt biswajit is wearing is straight from bikini bottom

  2. jason byrne

    Why are all the thumbnails mad faces? It's just weird

  3. Cindy King

    One of my favorite barbers!!!!

  4. Michael Amado

    FIVE ads on a 15 minute video. How can anyone call this ASMR with all those interruptions? And for you idiots who are gonna tell me to get YT Premium, buy it for me or STFU. And those who think most people are watching ASMR videos on a PC and should use ad blockers… Lol, don't even. Intro and outro ads are all that should be in ASMR videos.

  5. BN Kaaled

    God jab 👍👍👍

  6. : The god gamer15786

    Neck twist start at 15:03 u're welcome 😁😀😀😁☺😁☺😁

  7. M Culliton

    Great massage, even better shirt.

  8. Pippo Langstrumpf

    Faster, harder and with freaky eyes

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