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  1. Bruce Gordon

    I bought one of these and another one by Omron. I was pleased with the Icy Hot and the Omron had a much weaker stimulation. I'd give the Icy Hot thumbs up.

  2. Candice Cruickshank

    Just got mine in the mail,,, so I'm gonna see if this actually works… I've suffering with server back pain for a long long time now.. like since I was about in my younger years so maybe like 9 ish or 11.. it's been quite some time now,, so hopefully this helps and I'll see if it does and if I'm blaming Shaquille.. or may have to get surgery on my back

  3. Fran Laurie

    The kid did not to be in the video. Not very professional.

  4. KX125Ripper

    Thanks for this review. I am waiting on delivery of one of these. Cant wait to try it in conjunction with my chiropractic treatments.

  5. Ginger Bee

    I just need to know what kind of battery it takes please??? 😲

  6. Rachelle M

    Dr Ray would this be good to use on the stomach for menstrual cramps?

  7. Smufter16

    Thank you for brightening my day. The ending made me laugh. I needed that. And those TENS units DO work.

  8. Furyy Night

    There are many components to relieving pain at home. One plan I found which successfully combines these is the patella pain pundit (google it if you're interested) without a doubt the no.1 guide that I have ever heard of. look at the super info .

  9. Krayzie Corvette

    little girl is a star lol

  10. Ashleigh Belt

    I hurt my back so badly the other day. I was at the pint I literally couldn’t move and my boyfriend had to leave work pick me up
    And put me in the care drive me to the ER. Since then I was stuck laying in the recliner with an ice pack and prescriptions for muscle relaxers, anti inflammatory and hydro and nothing has been working. Today my boyfriend picked me up one of these and I can move! It feels a bit strange but i swear by this. Miracle product!!!!

  11. Jezebell valentine

    is it wrong that im that wierd person that has it on the highest setting cuz im in agony lol 🙂

  12. Mchael Wagner

    “He’s my dad” adorable!

  13. Nick Vetter

    Can i use these for high/mid back

  14. James Hargis

    Thank you for your review on the icy hot smartrelief. It was very useful so much that I went out and purchased one. I also became a subscriber to your channel.

  15. digiphot2

    She is an excellent helper!  Cute as a button too!

  16. MobileDecay

    I wish I had energy likes that. These are the videos you watch when you get older. Lol.

  17. Breanna Clawson

    How many times can you use the sticky portion before it looses its ability to remain on your skin?

  18. Jim Quirk

    lol…loved the review. you have wonderful patience Dr. & Chloe you're adorable.
    my daughter got this for me yesterday and am going to try this today (xmas day if you can believe that). hoping that it will relieve my pain so i can sleep…doc appt on wednesday. happy holidays! 🙂

  19. Vegas Girl for Trump 2016!

    I suppose you just guess or count the number of times you press the + button to increase it?

  20. Denise White

    Do you remove tab? And how?

  21. Martin James Tanangkingsing

    where to buy extra pads? any idea?

  22. Kathy Perry

    Best assistant ever

  23. beautyloxs

    She is the best assistant. Can you please do a review on the Aleve Direct Therapy? Thanks in advance.

  24. ChimmyChangos

    Tbch having your daughter on with you is adorable [: thanks for the review.

  25. Jays Reviews & Vlogs

    I work for Coca Cola I'm a merchandiser and well I messed my back up at work lifting a heavy object will this help me with lower lumbar pain and make my pain go away while I work ?

  26. Gregory Pacheco

    When turning the unit on, I saw the green light so I know that the battery is working, but how do you know if the unit is doing what it is supposed to do? When you hit the plus button do you feel a tingle?

  27. lindsley griffin

    just got it and it is wonderful! It started working immediately and I was up walking in just 2 minutes

  28. lindsley griffin

    thanks..I'm about to go it now

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