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  1. Samina Bagwan

    Very nice

  2. Kate Mueller

    Hi! Love your videos. Helping me so much. Can you do these on a bed? I broke my knee cap in half and being on my knee is impossible without causing extreme pain. 😳

  3. Megan and Elle

    Hello,I'm only 14 but I have really bad back pains.its been going on for around 6-7 months but the doctors say I don't have any problems . Is there anything you suggest?

  4. John from America

    Doctor Jo, You are a life saver!

  5. Sonia G

    Are there any stretches for trigger digit?

  6. Golnaz Sima

    please intoduce me back flexion for back pain and stretches for sciatica relief

  7. justcantforget

    Hi Dr. Jo. I went to my doctor today and she said I threw my back out. She said it was lower back strain. She suggested applying heat and doing gentle stretches. Are there any stretches you could recommend I do? Thank you so much. Rae

  8. Arun Lokhande

    Thanks Dr Jo i consult to the physical therapist McKenzie Exercises but there is no any benefit.

  9. Arun Lokhande

    HI Doctor Jo i have Back problem from last four months and i have done MRI for Spine Pain for L4 and L5 slip Disc problem and may Buttock and right Leg paining for long period please suggest me which exercise i do. Thanks.

  10. Matt Boom

    Thanks very much, Doctor Jo. I appreciate that the stretches you demonstrated have a good range of difficulty, from very simple to advanced.

  11. kelly Driscoll

    can same exercises be used for spondylothesisas spondylosis. What's the difference can u do these if you have groin pain

  12. Khalil Hadjam

    When im either low on the floor or kneeling down and i get up on my feet on the way as i get up i get a slight shock in my right side in the middle of my back. It might of  been triggered when i did a false move or i may have a bit of rheumatism. Ive had this pain for almost  2 months now. What shall i do?

  13. nato2panama

    If I'm having lower back pain won't the last stretch in this video make it worst.
    What I mean is the first two stretches seem to stretch the muscle by arching my back this last one looks like I'm scrunching the lower back muscle rather than stretching it. It just looks that way to a lay person, I'm no therapist. Kindly explain.

  14. abhishek katyal

    Thanks Doctor Jo!
    I have a stiff back in the morning if I sleep on my back. I have tried keeping a pillow under my knees and that has helped but still there is some stiffness.
    Would be really really thankful if you could advise on other things that I can try out!

  15. Lightbringer


  16. AskDoctorJo

    Be careful out there as the "Polar Vortex" invades the US! And if shoveling lots and lots of snow is in your future, make sure you don't hurt your back!

  17. CalisthenicTraining

    I guess I have to keep on doing the pec stretches instead of these back stretches as I dont need any further protaction of the scapula. It is already pulled out and in protaction and yet I cant figure out why my PT recommended to me to stretch out my back, you are already in pain, they are already lengthened why stretch them?
    Last week I started practising the door stretches and they really felt awesome, I always come back to your basic videos if I get caught up in fancy things haha.

  18. AskDoctorJo

    I have videos for all of those. If you get a chance, go check out my website. They are grouped together by body region and pretty easy to find on the website!! Good luck!!

  19. AskDoctorJo

    They will help with general muscular pain and arthritis.

  20. Rabia Basri

    top three back streches are helpfull in what conditions ?

  21. mykylc

    Dr. Jo mentioned her sister is a writer that is hunched over her computer. That tells me she more that likely has a laptop. Make a custom height stand for your laptop and get it to eye level if a store laptop stand is too high or too short. Message me and I can send you a pic of one I made easily with pvc pipe and an external usb keyboard that sits below it. Your back will thank you. It will help you stop resting your elbow on your desk and your chin in your hand as well.

  22. AskDoctorJo

    Thanks!! Please let them know 🙂 I hope these help!!

  23. AskDoctorJo

    Yes! Is it inner thigh, quads, or hip flexors? If you want to check out my website, I have them separated into categories. I have an inner thigh stretching video, hip flexor stretching video, and a knee stretching video (which will show you quad stretching). I hope that helps!! Good luck!!

  24. Emily Sith

    Do you have any stretches for thigh pain?

  25. AskDoctorJo

    I have two shin splints videos…one for stretching and one for strengthening. Check them out if you get a chance. Good luck!!

  26. Nadir Salah

    how to prevent shin splints and stress fractures ?

  27. toxygen

    Disclaimer Alert! Disclaimer Alert!

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