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  1. PsycheTruth

    Please CLICK THE NOTIFICATION BELL! Our subscribers aren't being shown our videos unless they click the notification bell next to the subscribe button.

  2. Julie Lazaroff

    It is too much talking. Very annoying. I am just hanging there waiting for the next pose. Urggh!

  3. أنيسيتو روي


  4. Yasir Rizvi

    Really great feeling after yoga thanks Mam 😊👍😊

  5. Hassan Kamran

    great video. any strecthes for front delts?

  6. Drick Mickey

    are you panties broken well that a shame i can aways donate a pair


    Great video. Your voice is wonderful. It helps ti relax. Thank you

  8. Roida Ribka panggabean Panggabean

    please don’t too much talk

  9. Aditya Jain

    Hey Erica. K have watching your videos since 2015. Can you make a video on Alkylosing Spondylitis? I have pain in my left hip bone/sacroiliac joint.

  10. Saima Tasnim

    My body shakes kinda becuase of the pain in my back and shoulders… is this normal… it’s a good pain though but still hurts :/

  11. lanaloraine3

    What would really make your these videos PERFECT is if the person doing the exercises was 'not' speaking. There could be another instructor there doing the talking or you could go back and put sound over the video. Seeing her talk while doing the stretches and trying to do them myself at the same time is really nerve wracking even though what shes saying is important.

  12. Kirsten Fisher

    Through this yoga guide "zamsoka space" ( 7wow.cc/cvok ), I was able to achieve much stronger physique, developed mobility, looked slimmer and also active the whole day. This amazing guidebook is so inviting! No matter who you really are or status in life, you`ll surely love yoga exercise The guide has all you have to start from the simple steps to advance level of postures, breathing, and then meditation and it is positive aspects.

  13. Danny Boy

    I can watch you all day ☺️

  14. Holly Massucco


  15. West Island Google guide

    My hamstrings are so tight i can't even sit with my legs straight out

  16. OliRocket

    Came for the info stayed for the booty

  17. Blake Spryn

    You're a fantastic instructor, thank you!

  18. Douhghlie04

    Omg she's great

  19. kelly hiselman

    Thank you, Erica! After a solid week of sitting, I am feeling so much better. Namaste!

  20. Kristina Schjerning

    Thank you. I feel relaxed after one session. Missed a little bit the universal pose but maybe that is too much if there is pain. Between my shoulder blades I have a twist, that is a little bit better now. Keep up the good work hiphip hip 😄👍💚

  21. Giaiel Pace

    I really appreciate the talk and detailed explanation, good work.

  22. Huong La

    Thanks for the prefect video for people with genuine back pain.

  23. R J

    Could you also share some video on arms and shoulders pain relief stretches and exercises

  24. courupita

    Dear Erica,
    I have neck and back pain after every tennis match. I'd say pai scale about 8-9.
    Your yoga exercise helps me very much releasing neck pain and back pain. The pain scale comes down to 4-5 and sometimes less.

    Thank you very much indeed for your lovely and soothing exercises.


  25. justin o


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