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  1. Dan

    if my two dogs would hear you say the word 'walk', they would go crazy! Surprised how Ollie is so calm 🙂

  2. Vera Vera

    Thank you for this great sequence!

  3. Carianne Stone

    you guys rock but cant get enough of Ollie 😉 so grateful! namaste

  4. Vanessa Sigman

    Tim,check out Garden of Life CBD 🙂 Thank you for your videos!

  5. Ub's Starlord

    Haha ! ^^..;the Hammer logic  ..that's my phylosophy ^^^^…i see..i need to change theory .

  6. Carianne Stone

    YUM! Thank you! Namaste

  7. April Rather

    Ollie is the best! Thank you for the back pain info! You are awesome and I appreciate all that you do, Tim!

  8. Pedro Osorio

    also thx for the cbd oil link… I got one cheaper and I'm using it for a year.

  9. Pedro Osorio

    thx again to both of you!!! <3

  10. B I

    Cool pantsТim ! Where are they from?

  11. elena kl

    It's a great one! I repeat it between yoga classes anytime I have time. Would be great to have kinda the same for upper back and shoulders.

  12. Spirituality with Melissa

    This was fantastic and very timely for back pain today

  13. Lucy Acosta

    Thanks Stacy and Tim. This practice was very useful as well as the suggested natural remedies . I agree that walking helps a lot. Have a great day. Namaste!

  14. Keith Grossett

    Really helpful,, thank you. Been struggling with lower back pain on and off for the last 30 years, and always gone for the NSAIDs cocktail.
    Will try and o incorporate regular exercises like this and avoid shifting fish tanks without a warm up.

  15. Brianne Mulligan

    You talk about walking more, but have you heard of walking too much causing problems? Currently for my job I have been walking anywhere from 20-30 miles a week and in the last week I have started experiencing extreme tightness in my low back. I have been working through your 30 days of yoga videos but I am thinking I need to cut back to things like this video until I start to feel better.

  16. Yoga With Bird

    Such a yummy practice. Thank you!

  17. Matt Batton

    Such a useful video, and one of Ollie's best!

  18. Ellen Wenberg

    Thanks for discouraging the use of NSAIDS- not only do they mess with the gut, but long term use can cause kidney failure, ulcers, and can exacerbate high blood pressure. Bad!
    Great video Tim, Stacy and Ollie!

  19. elle jones

    Love Stacey! Her movements are are very deliberate and slow making it very easy to mimic. She seems to also be a very beautiful being. Thank you so much Tim and Stacey for helping to get me through the day 💜💜

  20. Michael Gerrish

    Wonderful back release. Many thanks!

  21. Sidhant Mahajan

    Back pain is both very common and very debilitating. Learn how to practice back pain prevention with exercise and simple changes to everyday .

  22. Jen Scarff

    I totally agree with you about walking – it was a crucial part of my back recovery and I now walk for maintenance regularly. I also practice yoga daily too. I love your precision with your yoga teaching and found this little class really good (I'm also part way through your recent yoga challenge). I'm just curious what your thoughts are with regards to yin yoga?

  23. Paul Meyer

    Amazing as usual!

  24. David Bonfiglio

    This couldn't have come at a better time! I had never in my life had any trouble with my back, then two weeks ago at work, BAM, a herniated disk… wow that hurts. The Dr. perscribed a week of complete rest and Motrin. I've come off a week of complete rest, and have been seeing an acupuncturist, which has been a great help, but I had been wondering about a way back into Yoga. Of course I'll be taking it easy, and listing to my body. Thanks for all you do Tim, I don't know if you really realize the difference you've made in people's lives.

  25. Karen Roman

    I just hurt my back 2 weeks ago. I was scooping snow and right after…the next day i couldnt get out of my bed. I tried to do something for my pain taking pills…but I knew that my relive was for a moment. the pain came back. so this is the 3rd week since that day and I still feel sick. Also my stomach feels different, i think there's something wrong with it. I feel so bad, and your video is giving me the hope I need, knowing that I need to be patient with my body. thank you !!

  26. Flo Bee Jones

    I pause the video to tell Ollie. I love you!

  27. firahsrazlug

    Yes need to get out more and walk however UK weather in autumn and winter not great.. Bring on spring.

  28. Mat Gould

    Hey Tim. I've not done this practice yet but have just read through your email. It worried me as I've been diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lower back which, in turn, is applying pressure to the sciatic nerve on my right side. Since the start of the year it has got worse and the advice I've been given is to take Ibuprofen and paracetamol (not that these are particularly effective) so they may look to subscribe a stronger pain killer. I have another consultation next week so will find out the next course of action. I do not want to become dependent on the pills but some days it hurts when just standing still! Anyway, I look forward to doing this practice later. Thanks 🙏

  29. Dave G

    How old is Ollie?

  30. CoGoGlass

    Never heard of CBD Oil. I'll have to look it up. Link to the company?

  31. Pia Ruokis

    Arnica also works well

  32. Tania Bastien

    You are wonderful!
    Namasté to you!❤🙏
    Thank you😌

  33. Dan

    thanks Tim! lower back pain on the left side…been doing your videos on lower back pain, will do this one again…and again…slowly getting better, I have CBD oils, would also like to try the cream. thanks again Tim, Stacy and of course Ollie!

  34. firahsrazlug

    I'm sure sat at a desk is ruining my back. What can I do?

  35. elena kl

    You said you'd put in the comments those treatments for pain, you forgot 😕

  36. Kirsty Macfarlane

    Ollie is hilarious 😂😂😂he sure loves Stacey! Your back practices are great, huge help with my pain, thanks Stacey and Tim and Ollie 🙏🙏🐕🐕🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️❤️❤️

  37. Danil Dolinchuk

    Nice practice. I am doing your videos for a while, one of the biggest benefits is a helthier spine, thanks for that :). Maybe you can put simular practice for knees and shoulders pain? Could really use it)

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