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  1. Natalie Lewis

    Thank you so much!! Woke up with back pain and this made me feel so good.❤❤❤ Blessings 🥰

  2. Patty Jessie-Dowden

    I'm not a therapist of any kind, and I absolutely couldn't stop watching this very informative video. Thank you! I'm often looking to learn more about my own body. I had a 5 year old hip flexor strain that I finally got relief from through my own clumsy massaging ( 7wow.cc/rfky ). I thought I'd better find out more about how this muscle group works, and I just learned a ton! I think I'll recruit the spouse for the next time I need it released

  3. LaDivas Fit

    Now that felt good… Allie's you are the best yogas teacher EVER!!

  4. April Bannister

    very relaxing! Love your classes. Thank you!

  5. mary castrisios

    thank you xx

  6. Gabrielle Smith

    Wow. thank you! This helped me so much. I've been doing yoga for years and all of a sudden had some back pain. I was trying other yoga videos, but nothing helped. But the gentle slow poses that you provided here did wonders. This is my second day in a row.

  7. Ricardas Bauza

    Great Easy class.

  8. mary castrisios

    Thank you Allie, haven't done this one for awhile…….wonderful again xx

  9. Sherry Goff

    This was so restorative for my lower back. Thank you!

  10. Rita Rodrigues

    Do you have a "yoga for when you are sore" or something with similar benefits? I would be really good to me (sometimes I am really sore in my legs and I have back pain).

  11. mary castrisios

    Thanks Allie, haven't come across this one before…….it's a beauty!

  12. Kym Silva

    This was phenomenal just what I needed, thank you Allie💚💚💚💚

  13. Levi Anderson

    ❤️😊🙏🏻 loved it thanks Allie

  14. Ana Matveeva

    Thank you, Allie, so much for this video! It actually did relief my low back pain!

  15. Johnnett Tasche

    thank you allie for this yoga flow for back pain. I really needed it. 😊

  16. Jeri Frank

    Exactly what I needed Allie! Thanks again!

  17. Evelyn Canciglia

    I needed this so much. You are my favorite. THANK YOU! Love the outfit as always!

  18. taunton613

    Nice vid;  your a beautiful girl.  Make more–thks Mike.

  19. Edwige Law-Ki

    did it again! !!even better!!!😆

  20. Edwige Law-Ki

    ohhh ouahh! ! ! ouahhh! !!love love loved it!!!sharing full blast! !!my back needed that TLC!!!😍😍

  21. wholly flow

    Hi Allie.
    You have a great passion for what you do.
    Thank you for sharing your gift.
    Shahedeh 🙂

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