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  1. Alessandra Di Leo

    Love how cute this video was! The background, you, and everything you got!


    hi super video you did a super job you have super outfits super dresses you look super super super earrings have a good week

  3. Susie Martin

    Maggie did you know there is an app to scan your polaroids! its called Polaroids Originals! It's really fun and looks vintage when it scans. XOXO, hope it helped! LY

  4. Kayla Ashton

    Just subscribed to your channel!! Love all your videos!! 😃❤️

  5. Morgan Wagaman

    love LOVE your hauls! love your vlogs but also love you sitting down:)

  6. ayelet katzir

    Hi love, can u please help me? I just bought the smart battery case and I don’t know how to work with it. Sorry if my English is bad I’m from Israel 🤭sending u full of love from Israel ❤️❤️❤️

  7. DenimAndLeather

    Glossier is the perfect makeup brand for you! It’s so natural but elevates your features 🥰

  8. Madison Herries

    So happy for you Maggie !

  9. Bianca Waffles

    Totally unrelated, but I love your flowers and salt lamp

  10. kyt123

    Where are your necklaces from?

  11. Eshaal Yousaf

    Yass Maggieee!!

    Ps// small youtuber here xx❤️

  12. Samantha Bissell

    I feel like I’ve asked this as I’m still curious if bodysuits come other than thong style also thank you for mentioning basket organizers as I’d like to get a basket for my bathroom

  13. ashley griffin

    i want an apartment tour even though its the same place basically!

  14. Ella Dunlop

    anybody else notice how maggie is just glowing in this vid- like her presence is so energizing

  15. Grace Abigail

    omg u should do a updated jewelry video!!

  16. jamie zumpino

    a day when Maggie uploads is a great day. I love everything in this. I'm currently watching this is I clean my room! ily

  17. Marisol Buan

    updated everyday jewelry please??? thank you. 🙏🏼

  18. Elaine Kim

    Oh my gosh you look so gorgeous

  19. Trinity Tondeleir

    Saturday night with my tea watching maggie.. yup

  20. Grace Kerr

    What size do u get in UO dresses?

  21. K80 Marie


  22. Catherine Williams

    I love you queen

  23. Brandy Bingle

    Be careful with the charcoal deodorants when wearing white, they will stain your clothes when you sweat!!

  24. katie h

    Love this video, Maggie!! How did you like the Native Deoderant?!

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