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  1. RedCLAW

    She is is so polite and cute.

  2. Jason Kuhn

    I want this job. I really, really want this job!

  3. GBPstudio

    she is what i want to see in my daughter

  4. Leman Cholakov

    Whatched this video and realised that I have seen her before. https://youtu.be/oOtqbAxRkyM

  5. Itz Adam I 91

    I love her

  6. Ohilipp

    During the last days I watched quite some videos from different sources with quite some explanations of how things in the human body influence each other as I deal with some issues in my back and I am amazed by the beauty of cause and effect in the machine that is our body. I am always glad if there is some information that helps to logically understand what is going on, so this video was especially interesting due to the patient being able to give such distinguished feedback on the initial state of her body and what changed in which way. Also good to see the doctor taking positive advantage of the ability of the patient to be that precise.


    so politeniceand beautiful.

  8. Mercedes 〈3

    Did anyone else feel the need to stretch while watching this?

  9. ScoopDogg1867

    Would this ever clear up on it's own, or just get worse over time without treatment? Very interesting, don't know how I ended up here, but I've subbed n liked. Well done

  10. Green AND Blue

    She was made in a lab!!! So impressive, such hard work she must have done over the years but such talent!! Bet she is Russian they have the best ballet dancers in the world!!!

  11. Baby Altay

    It is beautiful adjustment

  12. Lil-Daddy

    She is ripped.

  13. Klaus Augentaler

    She is gorgeous and such graceful!

  14. seven twoseven

    Omg thats olga sokolova! Shes amazing! You guys have no idea how good and amazing she is!

  15. Sai Namuduri

    Spinal edema is nothing to fuck with. Yikes. She got real lucky, catching it early.

  16. Abdullah Alaliwi


  17. amazed66

    She looks almost like a ceramic doll and has stunningly beautiful eyes and I love here accent too. It makes her seem like a beautiful Eastern European femme fatale from a James Bond film lol.

  18. noorah nn

    Kardashian clones…learn class from this lady

  19. Arceus Eevee The Shiba Inu

    Ballet dancers are amazing… Even just those short movements, i am astounded…

  20. Ranjeeta Negi Thakur

    I need to see. You only if I could come to US.. backpain forever.

  21. james rose

    Her legs are amazing!!!

  22. lykko

    maybe i can too be rid of these pains!

  23. Liliana Correia-Marques

    I was in awe watching her do her leg movements…. damn she's flexible!!

  24. D G

    What a classy and sweet woman. Her soft spoken nature is such a wonderful thing to see! American woman lack a lot of this elegance

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