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  1. Messiah wilderness Ministry's

    i tried ginger and it burned so bad, my acid reflux increased. i have gastritis

  2. Good News Gospel Channel

    Barbara is an amazing person truly gifted..

  3. shakera marner

    Hi I am addicted to always eating the activated charcoal powder, I find I like eating it and eat it like a food and I would not eat for the next 3hrs just drink water. How can I stop this. I just not gonna buy anymore.

  4. onetwothree57

    Sugar is just a plant

  5. maryann m

    did you see the movie run for the cure by rick simpson

    many people get cancer free from  cannabis oil(this has nothing to do with smoking)

  6. vegewoman

    Ginger root, Licorice root, Gentian root, Dandelion root, and Golden seal root. 1 part of each and 1/2 part of golden seal. Jar them 1 teaspoon of mix with 2 cups of boiling water and 1 teapsoon grated or finely chopped fresh ginger. 1/3 cup hot before meal. Drink for 6 months duration or until restoration is complete.

  7. Dream weaver

    How about the large bouncy balls to sit on, for those who can’t jump?

  8. Dream weaver

    Do you have website to order supplements or are they only sold at retreat?

  9. Dream weaver

    What? Can’t eat mushrooms if cancer?

  10. finding myhealing

    A person i know once cleared emfs and mold could eat wheat and dairy no problem

  11. Celeste Massay

    Neem tea is also bitter i drink daily, also slippery elm, pau d arco tea. And sometimes Marshmallow tea. Great for the intestines, 1tbs daily

  12. Robert Ringin

    The modern MD or GP are just drug-pushers who collect bonuses for the prescriptions
    they issue, The more prescriptions- the bigger the bonus.
    Big Pharma have representatives who visit the Doctors urging them to prescribe their
    drugs, & they are called "Medical Detailers".

  13. NovaDoll

    I love woman!

  14. Tan Wah Meng

    Bitter flax oil is a result of unresolved seasonal factor not rancidity

  15. Hubert Young

    I send these helpful videos to my friends and posts on fb

  16. Tania Smalzer

    How about Magnesium overdose? 2000 mg per day – it is high. And you take it only God know how long. If H pilory sitting in a stomach band deascrease stomach juice production?If somebody has low kidney function?

  17. diana msipha

    Thank you Barbra dearest, may God bless you abundantly! My 4 year old has an undescendent testicle is there a way of helping him besides Op, many thanks

  18. terry doble

    Barbara, does the muscle not close cause the stomach is not acid enough?

  19. Gary Nolan

    How old is Barbara?

  20. SEVAG M.Z

    awesome Barbara..thumbs up

  21. Myshan Amakisi

    Thx you. Im so grateful for this knowledge.

  22. Lori Dennis

    I LOVE this woman!!!

  23. Robert Hitchings

    Fantastic info – thanks So much Barbara and cameraperson

  24. Edward Banegas

    What's the best remedy for planters warts on the feet

  25. Tania Battiau

    You are amazing, thank you for sharing your knowledge , much appreciated 😌

  26. Star Blue

    Barbara – can you please sell this herb tea? I would buy some 🙂

  27. Bliss Therapy

    Please spell the progesterone cream name that Barbara recommends?

  28. sam wil

    Can cancer patien use dr schulze superfood plus and it has non active nutritional yeast. Thank you

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