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  1. Sophia Kendall

    You get prettier in every video…what the heck 😋💖

  2. Sarah Westcott

    Thanks for the demo/review. I just got my FFF box today, so I'll be trying out the 'sunset look' shortly 😀

  3. jovena love


  4. Ashley Diane **Boosting Beauty**

    You got such a pretty look!!! TFS!!

  5. King_Tristan_143

    I really love the pallete name!


    SUCH good colors and tones on you..maybe if you didn't have that purple back drop you would see how good you looked..

  7. Cosmic Slice

    That's a really pretty look!

  8. Ginger Willetts

    The look you came up is gorgeous!! I wasnt expecting that!! So pretty!!!💕

  9. Ginger Willetts

    662!! Thats awesome!! Love it!! Keep them coming!!

  10. JoAnn Gediek

    I love the eyeshadows palette. Beautiful fall sunset look but a little bold. Looks beautiful on you. I am very sick. Trying not to go to the hospital. Thought that I would do a full face to make me feel better and it did. Hugs and love from North Carolina

  11. My life Over makeuo

    Ooooo yes! I love the look you created! I’ve had my eye on this palette for a while now. I love the shades! I have really veiny eyelids with a lot of creases and really do like to use a primer and light shade sometimes just to cover up the veins and make my lids look smooth and all one color, and that’s all I’ll do sometimes. So pretty!! Right now, my favorite beauty bakerie product would have to be the lollipop eyeliner. I think that’s what it’s called? It’s just their black liquid liner. It’s so so good and so easy to work with. I can’t remember if it a brush or felt tip but it’s easy to make a thin line and it won’t budge once it’s down. It doesn’t bleed at all, which is especially important for creasey eye lids. Love your review! I emailed you just a little bit ago to get you shipping address so I can send you some makeup! 👏❤️

  12. jenderwear

    I was suprised how vibrant your eyelook came out. Very pretty. I was thinking the exact same thing- Sunset/fall vibes. 🍂🍃

  13. Superfox Makeup

    Love your vids girl!!!

  14. makeupbyleo

    I loved the eyeshadow look and have been definitely been wanting to try some products from this brand! 😍

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